Not a blogger….

So it’s obvious from my years of trying to keep up a blog that the reality is- it’s just not going to happen. I just can’t ever find the time to do it and when I do have the time I’d rather be reading, sleeping, or catching up on reality tv. You know, the important stuff!

I do hate that I don’t have a consistent capsule of photos and memories written down here for Avery but I guess that’s what Instagram and baby books and Facebook are for…

Honestly I feel like blogs have become a dying entity… waves of new social media apps and programs launch every year and it’s become an easier way to stay connected and it infiltrates into daily life much easier. I used to follow dozens of blogs but now I literally have two that I check on a regular basis. Everything else is done through Instagram/Snapchat/etc.

All of that to say that we are heading into the holiday season and it’s my favorite time of year!! We had a wonderful and very simple Thanksgiving which was just what I was hoping for. We spent a great week with Landon and I always love how excited and happy Avery is when her bubba is in town. I spent the weekend finishing up Christmas shopping and decorating the house for Christmas.

Christmas season is just my absolute favorite- I love that Avery’s birthday is on Christmas Eve – it just adds a special feeling to it! I have been party prepping for a few weeks and am so excited to see how it all comes together. Avery has requested (about 1,000 times) that Ariel be at her party so my dad said he wanted to pay for a character visit as her birthday gift which will be so exciting for Avery.

I feel like this age has been my most favorite and the most challenging with Avery. I love the naivety and honesty that comes with this age and I love all their funny sayings and anecdotes. Avery makes me laugh so hard on a daily basis. She has such a wonderful and strong personality which is so fun to see but also can be quite exhausting! I try to soak up each day and not let all the “noise” get in the way because I know that I will blink and she’ll be in high school and my heart can barely handle that thought.

I pray daily that she will keep her stubbornness and independent personality. I pray she finds a strong voice within herself that determines her own future and successes in life. I can’t wait to see what she does in this world and I have a feeling it’ll be something big.

Here’s hoping everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and that the holiday season will continue to be filled with love and memories to cherish!


Valentine’s Day ❤

I’ve never been one to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day but since having Avery it has become fun to make it special for her! I typically take Avery to school on Tuesdays and since I’m off work it’s my one day to run errands, clean, etc but today I decided to keep her home from school and spend the day together! 

It was a rainy and cold day here in central AR so it was the perfect day to stay home and cuddle. Avery slept in until 8:00 which meant momma got to sleep in until 8:00 too! Kyle and I brought her out into the living room where all her goodies were set up. I got her some cute Tsum Tsum containers, Troll and Pepa figurines and a cute Minnie Mouse tin filled with chocolate. She was so excited to see all of her goodies and decided the Minnie Mouse chocolate sounded better for breakfast than the donuts I made her! 

After watching Trolls for the umpteenth time we got ready and went to grab lunch with Kyle. We brought him a sweet card and some chocolate and grabbed Arkansas Burger Co. for a quick lunch. Afterwards Avery and I both came home and took long and amazing naps!! 

After our naps kyle came home and surprised us with flowers, balloons and cupcakes! Avery was mostly excited about the cupcakes and balloons! Ha! 

Kyle has a meeting in Nashville tomorrow so he planned to get on the road after dinner to drive half way tonight so we ordered pizza for dinner and spent some time with our favorite valentine. 

It was a pretty low key day and it was perfect! 

Friday Five 

1. Snow Day ❄️

To make this Friday even better than normal – today we had a snow day! There’s nothing like a snow day and it’s even more appreciated when it comes at the end of the first week back to school after break! Woohoo! 

We woke up to about an inch of snow today and very cold temperatures. 

We live in a culdesac and have a ton of kids in our little area. We also live at the top of a great sledding hill. This morning all the kids (and parents) were out sledding and enjoying the snow. There were kids and puppies running around everywhere and Avery had such a blast. 

2. Daily Walk

I mentioned yesterday that I started a virtual Bible study and my Bible arrived via Amazon today! I started my first devotional today and i love it already! The Daily Walk Bible is dated for each day of the year and it goes through the entire Bible in one year. It breaks it down day by day and includes references, devotions and meditations. It’s a New Living Translation so it reads like a book which makes it much easier to follow. I went through my first devotional twice today because I enjoyed it so much. I decided I would keep notes as I went since taking notes always helps me remember things better. 

3. Tree 

Our Christmas tree storage bag also arrived today via Amazon so our tree is officially coming down tonight. I’m trying to think of somethings to change up that corner of our living room because I didn’t love the way it looked before Christmas so I’m sure it’s going to feel extra empty now that our tree will be gone. 

4. Rash 

Avery has had a beyond terrible diaper rash this week. I don’t really understand what started the huge outbreak but by Wednesday night I was desperate! Someone suggested a baking soda bath and cortisone cream instead of diaper rash and it really seemed to make a huge difference!! We did a baking soda bath two nights in a row and a few hours of naked time last night and it looks like it is almost gone today! 

5. Cookies 

Last week while I was grocery shopping with Avery (something I rarely do these days) she picked out a box of Hello Kitty cookies. Every time she would go into the pantry she would point and say; kitty cookie! So we finally got around to making them this week. Avery loves helping me cook and it isn’t often I have something so kid friendly to make so I let her help me with the whole thing! She had a blast! The kit was super easy to make and Avery was able to help with almost all of it. So fun! 

Overall it was a great week over here and I’m ready for a lazy weekend!! 

Happy Friday folks! 

New Year Goals 

I’ve been meaning to post some goals for this year- mainly for my own documentation but it seems by the end of the day when I actually have time to post I either 1. have no battery life left (I’m living on 19% right now) or 2. I have no energy left. 

So we will make it quick:

1. Time for the Word. 

I’m a complete slacker when it comes to spending time reading my Bible. I have always been this way. Life is busy and hectic – is usually my excuse- and it is true that life is busy and hectic but I seem to have plenty of time to browse Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/online shopping so in reality I do have time- I just have to make it a priority. I joined a virtual ‘Read the Bible in one year’ Bible group and get emailed every day a synopsis/conversation about the selected reading. I get my book/Bible in tomorrow and my goal is to give a half hour of Avery’s nap time and a half hour after Avery goes to bed. I also plan to start Bloom (a local women’s devotional group) back this Fall. 
2. Be more intentional.

Relationships and friendships are both hard and time consuming. They both require a lot of time and effort in order for them to grow and bloom. This year I am planning to be intentional in my actions and words. I hope to be better about calling, texting, listening, and devoting time to my relationships and friendships. I’ve got to pull away from some things that are both time (and emotionally) consuming and invest the energy somewhere it can grow. 

3. Speaking of growing….

I plan to learn more (and potentially start) a compost. I have a huge and wonderful backyard/storage area that would be a perfect place to start a compost. We discard and waste so much food/garbage that I feel like we need to decrease our footprint. I don’t plan to take up chanting or cutting out deodorant use but I think it would be environmentally wise to invest (or be intentional –this seems to be my word this year) in what I’m leaving behind. 

4. Budget Cuts 

I am going to make a very conscience effort to reduce my spending. We live within our means but I also have some major spending habits and honestly, most of what I’m buying is just stuff. I’d love to pay off some large chunks of my studen loans and I just bought a new car and would love to start paying extra on it. This will probably be my hardest goal this year!! Ha! Here’s hoping! 
Well I think that’s about it! Hopefully a year from now I can look back and be proud of what I accomplished over the year. 

Happy New Years!! 

Made it with 12% battery left. Score. 

Pancakes and Pajamas

Avery turned two on December 24th and to celebrate we had a pancakes and pajamas themed birthday party! 

I had a hard time this year working out a date for Avery’s party that met everyone’s schedule. I’m sure this will be a problem for years and years. Christmas time is such a busy season! I eventually decided to hold Avery’s birthday party on her actual birthday this year and it felt more special knowing we were celebrating on her actual birth date. However, it greatly increased my holiday anxiety and I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again! I just couldn’t get everything done and so many things just had to go undone. 

The party was at 10am and Avery slept until about 9:00! We had pancakes with all kinds of toppings to choose from. We had fruit, chocolate chips, whip cream and sprinkles and of course syrup! We also had yogurt and adorable pancake themed sugar cookies as a sweet treat! I opted to skip a cake since we held the party so early and made a ‘faux’ pancake cake to use for her candles. 

We were joined by our close family and friends and it was just perfect! We enjoyed pancakes and then Avery got to tear into some presents! Avery is quite the talented gift opener after receiving so many birthday gifts and then followed by Christmas gifts as well! 

Kyle and I gave Avery an art table as her large gift from us as well as lots of supplies for her table. She also received a Little People Princess Castle that she has loved playing with so much! We also got several Doc Mcstuffins and Minnie Mouse Toys! 

I expected Avery to want to play with each gift as she opened it but she totally understood the process- rip into all the gifts as fast as you can and then play with it all! She’s a pro. The aftermath was quite a disaster zone but she had such a blast! 

After the party we went to Christmas Eve service at church and then home for a much needed nap! 

After Avery’s nap we went to Kyle’s parents house to celebrate Avery and Christmas Eve with dinner and a beautiful (and delicious) birthday cake!! I have been planning this birthday cake for over 6 months and was so excited about how it came out. We have a local home baker in town who makes these amazing ‘naked’ cakes that look so beautiful! It tasted amazing as well! We will definitely be getting our cakes from her in the future! 

After dinner we headed home to open our stockings (a family tradition that my parents always did with us on Christmas Eve) followed by a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas; which in our house is both a Christmas and a birthday book. 
When I realized I was going into labor late on December 23rd, I knew I’d give birth on Christmas Eve so I put the book into my hospital bag and had the nurses and our visitors at the hospital sign the book for a special keepsake. 

There are many things that I’m sure Avery will dislike as she grows older about having a Christmas Eve birthday but I think it’s extra special! 

I’m also pretty sure she has extra favor with Santa because when your birthday is on Christmas Eve – Santa gets birthday cake and milk instead of cookies. 


I am once again sitting in awe of the fact that another year has come and gone. I have always said that time moves faster when you have children or maybe you’re more aware of how quickly moments fly by. 


January started with Avery and I starting a new job! After being home with Avery for a year I was itching to get back to doing something outside of the home and interacting with adults! Kyle is gone so often for work that it has been nice having a constant in our weekly schedule. I started working at a great preschool in our town and my sweet girl gets to go with me! I have made so many new sweet friends and it’s always a blessing to add seasoned mothers to your tribe! 

January also brought some beautiful snow to play in! 

February – 

We did lots of dancing as Avery began walking and developed a huge love for music! She was specifically obsessed with the Lion Guard and I will always think of her when I hear the songs from that movie! So sweet! 

We turned our dining room into a playroom to allow Avery some more room to roam and play. 


Landon came and spent his spring break with us and then shortly after, Kyle and I headed to Europe! This was my first time to Europe and we spent 4 days in Rome, 4 days in Prague and one day in Dresden before flying home. We spent our Easter in Rome and it was such an amazing experience. Prague was beyond magical and has topped both Kyle and my list of favorite countries. We plan to take Avery to celebrate Christmas there one day as they are known for their Christmas season and festivities.


Avery turned 15 months old and daddy bought her a bouncy house! We spent lots of days at the park as the weather warmed up and at the end of the month we headed to Tampa to celebrate Landon’s 11th birthday. We flew out of Memphis and took Avery to Bass Pro Shop and it was the happiest I had ever seen Avery up to that point. She was in heaven! We enjoyed celebrating in Florida with Landon and enjoyed some fun beach time while we were there!


We celebrated Mothers’s Day and Kyle’s 34th birthday. Avery became obsessed with purses, makeup and bubbles. We also made the decision to sell our home and find a place where our family had more room to play and grow. Summer weather was making its way to Arkansas and we took Avery to the lake for the first time! 


We put our house on the market June 1st and sold it June 2nd. June was a whirlwind of a month spent doing some serious packing and home searching! Thankfully we found a home quickly in the neighborhood we loved! We spent lots of afternoons at the club playing on the splash pad and soaking up the last days in our home. We also celebrated my 29th birthday and Avery formed a strong love for McDonalds vanilla milkshakes! Yum! 


We moved into our new home and then two days later flew to the Dominican for our summer vacation. The timing could have been better but we had a great and relaxing trip as a family which was much needing by that time! Avery napped on the beach everyday and drank her weight in smoothies. Avery is a big fan of the beach. We spent the rest of the month unpacking and ordering new furniture. 


Landon headed home to get ready for Fall and Gamma and Pops finished their pool! Avery is a fish and loves swimming so she has loved having a heated pool at her disposal! Avery and I started school back ourselves and Avery moved up to the toddler room! I hosted my best friends bachelorette party and thankfully my furniture arrived in time! We finished out the month with a quick trip to my favorite city- NYC! It was a much needed trip as Kyle was about to head into a crazy busy Fall! We ended up getting stuck in Chicago for 24 hours due to crazy weather so we took the opportunity to explore the city! 

September – 

We were home for 1.5 days and then headed off to Morgantown, WV to kick off the football season with the Mountaineers! I fell in love with WV and hope to go back soon! We enjoyed a family reunion in El Dorado, a few last pool days and then headed to Atlanta where Landon met up with us to head to Auburn! Auburn played LSU and it was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever been to. The stadium erupted when auburn pulled off a last second win and we got to roll Toomers corner! It was such a great experience to be a part of! 

October – 

Kyle had a meeting with Amazon in Seattle so I tagged along for the trip. I had never been to the NW and I loved it!! I had such a good time and the scenery was breathtaking. Seattle has become one of my favorite cities and I plan to go back again soon! Kyle and I were home for a few days then headed west again to Phoenix for a Sundevils game. I always enjoy Arizona and the people there are so much fun! We took Avery to the AR state fair and were so tickled at how much she loved all the rides! She is fearless! I also got to celebrate my best friends wedding and we finished off the month with Halloween celebrations. October was a great month! 

November – 

November came with enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and decorating for Christmas! We also headed for Park City, Utah right before thanksgiving. Even though Avery came down with another ear infection on our trip it was such a fun getaway. We plan to go back again soon and will hopefully get the chance to ski! Park City was beautiful and I hope we make many more memories there! We ended the month with a great Thanksgiving with our family. 


December was full of fun Christmas and birthday celebrations! Avery turned two and thouroughly enjoyed unwrapping all her gifts! I’m pretty sure that’s what I will remember about her second birthday- how much she loved opening her presents! We celebrated with a pancakes and pajama themed party. We also had a great Christmas and it was so special to celebrate it with Landon in our new home! 

2016 was very good to us and as with every year we are so thankful to God for His many blessings in our life. We are excited to see what 2017 holds for us! 


It has been just a tornado of life and work and moving over here this past month and I’m so ready for it to calm down…. as if that really ever happens! We are moved in to our new house and I spend what seems like every waking moment unpacking. We also went to the Dominican Republic last week for 6 days and that was a wonderful treat! I was torn over whether I would enjoy the vacation as we left two days after moving but it was kind of a forced break which was so needed after moving. 

We have one week left of summer session at school and then a week off which will be so nice. I plan to really use my time that week to get as much done as possible on finishing up the house. Our new furniture should be delivered that week and Landon will be back in Florida so hopefully I can knock some things out. 

I have a bachelorette party the first weekend in August and I am having about 10 people staying at my house so I really need to get prepped for that! I’m using it as my motivation to get it done! 

Our house is slowly feeling more like home and I am feeling the extra space. We don’t feel on top of each other and I lose my phone about 20 times a day. I never know where anybody is in the house and I find myself yelling up the stairs daily.

Overall life is going good over here and one day I’ll find time to post some pics of the new house!