All I want for Christmas…

is a shovel and a ratless backyard.

Having two dogs who border on the line of untrustworthy when being left alone in the house, they are confined to their kennel when we leave the house. After their last fiasco this summer (they ate my custom made wooden wedding cake topper a week before the wedding) they have little freedom in the home when they aren’t under adult supervision.

So we have routines. They are trained to get in the kennel when we tell them to and they get their bones and stuffed friends to keep them occupied. When arriving home, whether we were gone for four minutes or four hours, they always need to go outside and potty. So today was like every other day… I let dogs out of kennel, they slip and slide across the hardwood floors run to the back door, wait for me to unlock it, and scurry outside. A few minutes later I go to let them inside when I realize that Abby is carrying something…. an animal…a rat!!

I screamed from inside and began banging on the window….until I realized I’m not a prisoner and can go outside… then I began running into the yard yelling, “No! No! Yuck! Drop!!”
And drop is what she did… Right by the back patio. (Gag)

so I go looking for some device to remove this nasty animal from the back yard…. My choices were a rake or a hoe. I chose the hoe.

Just FYI… a hoe wasn’t designed to effectively remove yard varmints. I began “hoeing” it across the yard… until I thought…how the heck am I going to get this over the fence?!

So I called my dad. Who better to give advice on how to rid a nasty bloody dead animal than your dad?! His advice… “Just get a paper towel and grab it by the tail and sling it over the back fence.”
Oh yea, ok. Ill do that….not.

So there’s still a rat in my backyard… I need a shovel…. I figure that’s probably a good tool to use when slinging dead rodents over a backyard fence.

Until then I’m playing yard watch whenever the dogs decide they need to go potty.

Until I get a shovel….

Merry Christmas Eve!!


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