Christmas Break::Day 1::

No alarm clock. Slept until the sun came up. Extra long puppy cuddles. Afternoon nap. Clean house. Last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping. Visits with my husband at his office. Homemade chili cooking on the stove for dinner.

These are all sure signs that it is indeed…. Christmas break!!!

One of the great perks of being a teacher is that I get two full weeks off (with pay) for Christmas and New Year. The thing I look forward to the most about days off is sleeping in. Although it may only be until 8:00, it feels amazing to sleep until my body wakes itself up! My work days are spent running around like a headless chicken (I teach 2nd graders) from 7:00 – 2:40 and then running like a semi headless chicken from 2:40 until about 7:00 when I finally sit down to dinner… which is usually the first time I sit down all day. So on my days off, I thoroughly enjoy just sitting!

Here is one of our beautiful Christmas trees with all of our wrapped presents under it… I love this time of year!!


Here is our Christmas card that we sent out a few weeks ago. We got married in July so I loved the idea of our family getting our christmas card as well as a wedding photo! It took about two hours of manipulating and yelling at my computer but I loved the way it turned out!


I hope everyone has had a great start to their Christmas week!


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