On this day…

On this day one year ago I answered the easiest question I’ve ever been asked… “Will you marry me?”

Kyle and I had made plans to spend our Christmas in New York back in the summer. We have his son, Landon, every other Christmas and since it was our year not to have him we wanted to plan a trip away. Little did I know that Kyle was also planning other things. 🙂

Through the Fall Kyle began working with a jeweler in his hometown. Since we had never looked at rings together he completely went off of intuition as to the style/cut of ring to get me. (He picked perfect!!)

We arrived in NYC on December 22nd and set out to see the sights. I quickly learned that long hair, jackets, scarves, and hats are not a static haired girls best friend. So the next morning I said, “I’m wearing my hair up in a bun! I’m over the static hair!” …. Well little did I know what was going on later that day. Kyle fed me some story about taking a picture at a historic spot in the city later that day so I went ahead and wore my hair down.

Through the day we visited lots of tourist areas and stores. Finally Kyle mentioned going to see the location where John Lennon got shot. I thought, hmmmm ok. I’m not a Beetles fan so it didn’t really interest me but I went along. When we got out of the cab Kyle pointed at the spot (across the street) and instead of going to see it, he suggested going into Central Park instead. As we walked through the park I mentioned several places I wanted to stop and take pictures and Kyle assured me we would come back and take pictures later.

We continued walking and approached Bow Bridge. As we walked onto the bridge there were rose pedals scattered across the middle of the bridge. Now, you would think I would have caught on at this point…. I always said I would just “know” when I was about to be proposed to… that I couldn’t be surprised. But no…. instead I thought some fan had left rose pedals for John Lennon. And after seeing people weeping in the Strawberry Fields area of Central Park, it honestly wouldn’t have surprised me! So as I saw the rose pedals I said, “I wonder who the pedals are for?” We’ll I couldn’t have given Kyle a better lead…

The rest is just a blur. I could not tell you one thing Kyle said during the proposal. It all happened so fast… Kyle was on his knee proposing, seeing the beautiful ring… I do remember that I gasped at the ring 🙂 … A photographer coming out of the bushes… It was all a blur, but so perfect!!

Kyle had put out an ad a few weeks earlier for a photographer and had received hundreds of responses. He fished through the emails and chose a photographer. They had been corresponding for weeks, working to pick the perfect spot to stage the proposal. I was in complete shock! I had never been surprised like that before.

The photographer was from Brooklyn so she took us all over the city and took our engagement photos. I absolutely love the photos we got from that day… The excitement and joy is so evident in the pictures. Our emotions were captured so genuinely. Gentlemen, I definitely recommend having a photographer at your proposal! I didn’t cry at the actual proposal but when I looked through our pictures, I balled. Every time I look at those pictures I can feel every ounce of happiness and surprise that I felt that day.

Kyle had orchestrated this whole event, managed to keep it a secret from me, managed to sneak a ring from Arkansas to NYC, managed to surprise me in this huge amazing way. I love, love, love that I have such an amazing engagement story. I can’t wait to tell our children and grandchildren. I’m so thankful that Kyle realized how memorable that moment should be. NYC is our city. I know it’s a lot of someone’s city….but I love that I have an enamored affection for such a great city. Every time I see NYC, visit it, read about it, see a picture of Bow Bridge, I will think of that moment. The moment my best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

A huge thank you to Sasha Israel for taking such amazing pictures of our special moment and capturing the emotions of that day.














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