Pumpkin Muffins and Valentine’s Day Cards

So today was one of those days where I had a hundred errands to run…. even though I don’t feel like I have a lot to show for it!

A few days ago Kyle and I purchased a much needed freezer for the garage. We chose to have it delivered in an attempt to motivate us to clean our horridly clustered garage. I also set a goal of cleaning out our closet. So 4 hours and 7 bags later… the closet was cleaned!! I can actually see the floor!! It felt so good to get it cleaned out! It also felt really great to be able to donate the clothes/shoes to some people who really needed them.

The garage on the other hand is a mess is a work in progress!! The freezer is coming Monday and that’s stressing me out a little.

So I ran around today making exchanges/returns, donating items, and spending some Christmas money. It was nice just to have a day on my own schedule! I love Landon to pieces and am so glad he’s here for the holidays but sometimes it’s nice to sit in your car and eat a huge ass pumpkin muffin after shopping for as long as I wanted! I’m savoring my winter break days…it’s going to be along couple months until spring break!

So one thing I promised the guys this week was that I would make them Paula Deen’s my homemade fried chicken… It’s their favorite but it takes hours to make and it stinks my house up! In the progress of making the chicken I somehow managed to burn my hand with 350 degree grease! I have no idea how I did it but I may have cried a little! Kyle said he was impressed that I didn’t scream out any profanities. I guess that’s something to be proud of!



The dogs were a little upset that we locked them outside while we ate delicious fried chicken in front of them!


Oh and gentlemen…. in case you’re a planner yeah right you can get your Valentine Day cards at Kroger!! Seriously??

    I hope everyone has a restful weekend!!


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