Belated Christmas and a Shrimp Broil

So how many Christmas celebrations do you have??

I headed up to Heber Springs yesterday to celebrate a belated Christmas with my family. I know a lot of couples who struggle with deciding how to split the holidays with their families. Many travel great distances, compromise time with loved ones, and often end their holidays feeling exhausted and frazzled.

1. I’m thankful my family as well as Kyle’s family all live in the same state.
2. I’m thankful my family members aren’t sticklers on when we celebrate.

Holidays just aren’t huge deals in my family. We celebrate them and enjoy our time together but it’s not something that gets overdone or exaggerated. This probably grew from my brother living out of state for several years and my working multiple jobs through college, often causing me to work through my holiday breaks. I’m thankful that the holidays we have Landon I don’t have to stress about getting around to seeing all of my family as well as Kyle’s. We are able to enjoy the time with him and he gets to see his family and still enjoy a restful holiday break. I’m also thankful that when Kyle and I decide to have kids, our families will respect the time we’d like to have with our immediate family on those holidays.

So today Kyle brought Landon up to my dads place in Heber. My dad lives on about 10 acres of land about 15 minutes north of town. Landon was concerned about how people that far in the country got groceries…. He’s always concerned about food… He knows what’s important.

Landon also got to ride and learn to drive a four wheeler for the first time today.


He had a blast! He saw deer, rode/drove all over the property on the four wheeler, learned about hunting and fishing, made plans to drive the tractor on his next visit, ate some yummy shrimp and fish my dad cooked, and was given some fishing gear of his own!

I was also able to see my niece, Erin, while I was there. I’m glad I was able to see her open her presents! She is such a cutie and loved all of her musical presents from aunt Jennifer and uncle Kyle!





I have said my silent thankful prayers for another week off work about 100 times today.

Things I’m looking forward to this week:
1. Winston getting groomed tomorrow. (It is much, much, much overdo!)
2. Having our new deep freezer delivered. (Bring on the Schwan’s man!)
3. Catching up on housework. (Unfortunately that means taking down the Christmas trees. Sad.)
4. Celebrating NYE with Landon and Kyle. (I hope I make it to midnight this year.)
5. One last me day before going back to work. (i.e. movie, shopping, naps)

I hope everyone is making some plans to have a great week as well!!


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