So long, farewell… 2013

2013 has been an incredible year!! While I’m not a resolutions kind of gal, I do love to reflect on all the great things that have happened through the year. I saw a post on Facebook that suggested starting a jar at the beginning of the year and putting pieces of paper in it that lists successes, funny moments, etc that happen throughout the year. I love that idea! I think Kyle and I will try to start that this year.

So here are some of my most memorable moments from this year!!

After returning from NYC and celebrating our engagement, wedding planning went into full force mode. We were planning a wedding in basically 6 months. Thank goodness for awesome bridesmaids, friends, and family who helped make that possible!!

In April we had my first bridal shower. My maid of honor, Kaitlin, hosted it at her house and she also surprised me by helping my matron of honor, Lindsey, fly down from Pennsylvania as an extra treat!! It was such a great day!!


At the end of April, Kyle and I flew down to Florida for Landon’s 8th birthday party! He had a pool party with all of his friends and neighbors. We also took him to Disney World and the Tampa Aquarium. It was such a fun trip!





In May we celebrated Kyle’s 31st birthday with dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, Chuy’s. I also finished my first year of teaching!



In June I celebrated my 26th birthday and spent a fun day in Memphis with my best friend!


In July our big day had finally arrived!! On July 06th I got to marry my best friend! Our wedding day was all I could have hoped for! It was small, low key, and full of our closest friends and family!!












After the wedding we headed off to Jamaica for our honeymoon! We couldn’t have asked for a better resort. It was beautiful! We had an ocean view room and a walk out pool from our porch. It was a great relaxing week away from reality! Kyle scuba dived and I read by the ocean and indulged in the spa!




In August it was time to head back to school for Landon and myself! I was sad to see the summer go but was excited about what the next school year would bring! We also celebrated my niece’s first birthday!


In September Kyle and I joined another couple for a fun long weekend in Vegas. It was my first time to visit there and it wasn’t my favorite place by far, but it was fun to get away for a few days to a new place (new for me anyways.)

October and November were crazy busy months for both Kyle and I… We did manage to go to my first Auburn football game in Alabama which was a blast!! We got to tour the locker rooms, enjoy all the pregame festivities, attend the raptor show, as well as tour the raptor facility.


Another exciting thing that happened in November is that my best friend moved back to Arkansas!! It has been so wonderful having her close again!!


While December has been a busy full month, it has been a great end to the year. Kyle and I got to visit NYC again with some good friends, Landon got to spend Christmas with us, and we’ve had great Christmas celebrations with our families.

I am beyond excited to see what 2014 will bring!! We have been so blessed and I thank God everyday for this crazy, wonderful life!!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe NYE!!


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