Take a load off….

There’s a sigh going around the world this weekend…. as teachers prepare to go back to work and students back to school.

90% of me would much rather spend my days sleeping working around the house, loving on my puppies, and having lunch with my husband anytime I want.

10% of me is ready to get back into a normal schedule… because the faster I get back in the classroom, the sooner summer will be here! Honestly though, I’m ready to see my kiddos!

I plan to spend the rest of my weekend relaxing and relishing the remaining hours of winter break!

Kyle and Landon headed back to Florida this afternoon… which means the house is super quiet and clean!! and Winston feels safe enough to emerge from the safety of our bedroom.


One of my last projects I wanted to accomplish over the break was to get most of the Christmas decorations packed up and to organize the garage shelves. Most of my Christmas decor is put up, but we like to leave our village houses out for another month or so. I also left out our Santa pics (they’re just so pretty!) and a couple snowmen figurines (those are winter themed anyways, right?)

I purchased a new table runner this holiday season and I love it so much that I decided to keep it out… but our non holiday table center piece really doesn’t match! So I purchased a new vase and put all the tree topper decor in it and decided it could double as Valentine’s Day decorations…. at least that’s my excuse to keep the festive decorations out a bit longer!!


Here is the after (but still in progress) picture of our garage shelves:


Also, here is a picture from Kyle’s parents NYE party! They had a photo booth set up and everyone had such a blast taking fun pictures!


I hope everyone has a restful end to their weekend!!


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