Grammys Recap

So my total actual watch time of the Grammys was about 15 minutes. However I did watch about three hours of pre-Grammys coverage and pre-pre-Grammys coverage.

Who actually watches award shows for the actual awards anyways?? It’s all about the best and worst dressed, duh!

So here are my favorite looks from the night:


1. Beyonce – Dress by Michael Costello.
I’m not a huge fan of Miss Sasha Fierce but there is no denying she has an amazing body! And ummm hello… she has a 1.5 year old. She looked amazing but I didn’t really care for her hair.

2. Ciara – Emilio Pucci.
She gets my vote because of how beautiful her and her baby bump looked. As cliche as it is to say… she glowed!!

3. Miranda Lambert – Pamella Roland.
Again, not a huge fan of Miranda but I thought she looked great and very classy!!


4. Kate Beckinsale – Rubin Singer.
So really my countdown numbers are reversed because honestly Kate (in my opinion) kkkkkiiiilllleeedddd it in this dress she wore to a Grammys after-party. She is just so, so, so beautiful to me. Her tan is perfect and her look is so perfectly simple!! If I look half this good at 40 I will feel like I hit the dang jackpot. Seriously though, she wins in my book.

So there was supposed music performances and presentations of awards but like I said, I only watched the red carpet events so who knows….


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