Are you smarter than a Ticketmaster patron?

I’m sure that after the Bruno Mars half time show last night there was quite a substantial hike in Mr. Mars’ summer tour ticket sales. What doesn’t sound enticing about a tour named the Moonshine Jungle Tour? Nothing….that’s what.

So having heard recently that his tour would be rolling through my city during my birthday month, I thought: What better way to kick off my 27th birthday month than a Moonshine Jungle Tour?! I logged onto Ticketmaster via a link from a local radio station and I began searching for best available seats. Little did I know the complicated question I’d be asked in order to compete my search!

Maybe it was because of my 4th consecutive headache over the last week or that I sat through an almost two hour long staff meeting after an already exhausting day with my second graders but I really had to think about what the answer was to the security question. Who knew there were computer scalpers out in the virtual world, jonesing for Bruno Mars tickets.

Here are the screenshots I took of the question and answer choices:



Ticketmaster, I don’t have time for such thought provoking questions! I just want my Moonshine Jungle Tour tickets!!

It’s moments like these that I’m thankful for my highly esteemed college education. Or that I read children’s books so I knew the relative size of a herring…or what a herring was.

Thankfully, I answered correctly…. but the triumph was quickly extinguished by the fact that after less than 12 hours on sale, there were only upper bowl tickets left.


My anxiety of…and lack of trust in concrete built infrastructure plus my extreme fear of heights just wouldn’t allow for an enjoyable Moonshine Jungle Tour experience…

So I’ll resort to checking Stubhub – where legit scalpers sell their tickets and there are no security questions.


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