Four Eyes

Here’s the deal:
I’ve worn glasses since early elementary days.
I love my glasses.
For me, they’re just more practical and easier than any other option.

I love that I can just slip them on and go… no solutions, cases, eye irritation, poking my eye, etc.
I also love that glasses come in so many different materials and styles.
(I prefer the plastic frames)
They’re an accessory!

I get complimented on my glasses fairly often and I hate the way I look without them.
Having worn glasses so many years, without them I look like a drugged out, beaten woman.
No lie.
Those bags go on for dayssssssss.

I’ve had my current DKNY frames for like…. 4 years.
I threw down some jack on them and I’ve gotten my money’s worth!
However, I’ve been getting killer headaches lately and from what I can tell, its time to get my prescription updated.

So I’ve been researching designers and new styles and in February’s Cosmo I ran across Bobbi Brown’s new eyewear line.


The line is supposed to hit retailers the next few months and I can’t wait!!



My favorites are the pink tortoise shell pair smack in the middle of the above image. It’s also one of the pairs featured in Cosmo this month.

I may have to get a few pairs!

Glasses love, y’all.


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