Love Buggin’

Love is all around! It’s Valentine’s Day!

I just spent my day at a PD (professional development) conference about differentiating instruction for students on various academic levels!

Exciting stuff ladies and gents.

And my husband is working an event for work until late tonight so my bestie and I are going to go shopping, pig out at a yummy dinner, and go see a comedy!

So in honor of Valentine’s Day and that my husband said my blogs are better when they include him here is the one I’m love buggin’ over today!


My Husband.
I think what I love about our love is that it’s so easy.
Now, do not confuse this with my saying love is easy.
It isn’t.
Love is the most tantalizing, grueling creature I’ve ever come to face, or heart with.
But with Kyle, it just comes natural. It always has. I honestly didn’t feel any different after we got married because I always felt that I belonged to him.


A few weeks into dating I knew that I would marry him. I can’t say that it came that easy for him…. but he’s a man, so….

I’m not saying he’s perfect or that we never fight…
I’m saying:
He respects me and the sanctity of our marriage.
He works harder than anyone I know to provide for our family.
He’s honest.
He’s a gentleman.
I never question his love for me and that is everything that I need in this world.


The fact that he’s a complete stud is just icing on the cake.


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