National Pet Day

As if my Facebook and Instagram posts weren’t enough… I’ve gotta brag about my pups.

First of all I’m a huge advocate for rescuing shelter dogs. Having a mother who worked with shelter animals and was a licensed animal cruelty officer really opened my eyes to the horrible things that some animals go through. Not to mention that I’ve never met a “bred” dog that was even a smidgen better than a shelter dog. Never.

Adopt don’t shop.

Second of all, my sweet fur babies were both rescued from a local shelter and my life would be so incomplete without them. With my husband traveling often its so comforting to come home to their sweet, happy faces.


We brought our sweet pups home almost two years ago and while having dogs, or any animal, is a lot of work and frustrating at times (my backyard is a mudpit and there are constant puppy prints tracking my floors) I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world.



It’s no secret that Winston is my favorite.
He is pretty much myself personified in a dog.
Anxious, OCD, restless, quirky, moody, picky, reclusive at times, selective in who he loves, cranky at nighttime, and a complete creature of habit.
If I had to describe myself…. those are all things I would include.
He’s me.
I love him to pieces.




While Its no secret Winston is my favorite….it’s also no secret that Kyle is Abby’s favorite.
She literally can’t contain herself, when she sees him she looses all bladder control.
Abby is seriously such a great dog.
Honestly, she’s a better dog than Winston in a lot of ways!
She’s the sweetest, most loyal pup ever. It must be the Boxer in her.
She always (almost always) listens, she won’t run off…
She loves bones unlike anything I’ve ever seen!
She snores.
I love that she snores.
I love that I can curl up next to her when I’m missing Kyle and she gets it. It’s like she can sense when I’m sad or lonely and she cuddles up close and gives me extra tender lovings.
It will break my heart in pieces when it’s time for her to go. I hope she has such a looooong life ahead of her!!




I hope everyone gives their animals extra good hugs and kisses tonight!!


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