So I’ve been in a warm, 100+ miles from home, no school, no work coma the past few days.


Kyle and I went to Oklahoma Saturday morning for a print job that Kyle had lined up with another print shop. We have good friends who own a company that does similar work as my husbands so we were able to work and visit with good friends at the same time!




The print job lasted well into Saturday night so we stayed in Oklahoma (which was planned) until Sunday.


Well come Sunday morning we awoke to sleet/ice and snow covered pastures! It was a beautiful sight but not so much for driving. So one day extra on our trip turned into two which turned into three. The weather was not cooperating and because we apparently don’t pay attention to the weather we hadn’t packed for snow and below freezing cold weather. We decided it was safer to wait out the weather and hope the roads would clear. So today we woke up to a bright sunny sky and clearer roads.


Due to the weather affecting Oklahoma and Arkansas school has been canceled the past two days. While this really blows for my summer schedule it helped a girl out when it came to sub plans! I didn’t have to create plans or use any sick days.
Jennifer – 1
Winter Weather – 0


I’m so thankful we were able to be with our friends and their super sweet family while being snowed/iced in!

They have four kiddos and one stinking cute fur baby which didn’t allow for one dull moment! It was such a fun, unexpected long weekend.


Hopefully this gross weather is on its way out the door as state testing crunch time is fast approaching. It will be a very hectic few weeks as we prepare for our last large test of the year and race the days until spring break. I’m also headed to Dallas on Thursday for the weekend. There just aren’t enough hours in a day!! I wonder if my students would be game for 10 hour school days until April. I’m sure they’d love it!


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