Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice….

…. that’s what little girls are made of!!


Kyle and I are beyond thrilled to say that Avery Claire will be joining our family in December!

A few weeks ago we invited several close friends over for a gender reveal party to find out the news with us! We had our doctor discretely wrap a piece of paper in a sealed envelope with the gender written inside it. We handed the envelope over to my friend Kaitlin and she went to work stuffing black balloons with confetti. On the night of the party Kyle, Landon, and myself all popped a balloon revealing pink confetti inside!!

It took a moment to realize the confetti falling around us was pink. Both Kyle and I were in a blissful state of shock!


Kyle had been praying from day one that we would have a sweet little girl. Personally I would have been over the moon with either a boy or a girl. I knew the baby was healthy and growing and beyond that, I honestly did not care one bit! However, I was so happy for Kyle that he had gotten the little girl he’d been praying for!

The morning after the party we were already buying sweet little pink outfits, swaddles, and blankets…..and we haven’t stopped buying since.
Babies are expensive…we all know that…but little girls?!? I don’t foresee an end in sight.

As of yesterday I am 22 weeks along and am still feeling pretty great! I started back to work this past week and began feeling some back pains and leg cramps. I know I’m going to have to take it easy the next few months!

I began feeling her wiggle around last week, mainly in the late evenings before bed. However, these past few days she has really been active! I’ve been feeling her throughout the day…all day…and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s such a reassuring feeling to know she’s in there healthy and living it up!

I can only assume she is going to be an acrobat. It seems that her favorite thing to do is catapulting herself across the womb, using my bladder as a spring loaded base. At times I think she wiggles her little butt as far up into my rib cage as possible and uses the remaining ribs as makeshift monkey bars.

I’m enjoying my growing belly and knowing that she is getting closer and closer to being in my arms!! I’m excited to see what the next few months have in store….the good, the bad, the ugly… I’m excited for it all!!


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