30 Weeks!!

Let me start by saying this:
I have miserably failed at keeping any consistent documentation of this pregnancy. I have semi kept up with a bump book (which was my first goal) but since school has started back I have literally been hanging by a thread in the energy and motivation department.

However…. I am determined to do a week by week update these last 10 weeks! Mainly because I’m terrified to forget any small detail about these last weeks of carrying this sweet little lady inside my tummy. The past 30 weeks have flown by and I desperately hope to capture the great memories of these last few weeks of my first pregnancy.

So here we go… Week 30!


Size of Baby: According to my app she’s around 2.5/3 pounds and roughly 16 inches long. Each time my doctor measures me I’m measuring right on target but I honestly feel she’s a little smaller than what my app is telling me….at least in length. The weight….I believe. I honestly swear that I can feel her getting heavier by the day. My belly and body can feel the difference in how she feels.

How I’m Feeling: Overall I’m still feeling good!! My energy level has remained pretty low but it’s still manageable. Just as I have this entire pregnancy, I feel my best in the mornings. I typically feel pretty rested in the mornings which helps! As long as I am up and moving I feel great. Whenever I slow down and start resting is when I start hurting. I feel my worst in the evenings around 8ish…mainly back and belly pains.

Sleeping has become a bit trickier and even though all the websites/books say not to, sometimes the only back pain relief I can get comes from sleeping on my back part of the night. I’m pretty sure women slept on their backs for thousands of years and babies were still born…so whatever.

I haven’t experienced any nausea the entire pregnancy and I haven’t had any issues with swollen feet/legs.

I’ve had a few leg/toe cramps (who knew toes could cramp??) and I had a crazy vision/headache episode last Thursday that seriously left me exhausted for days! Hopefully that doesn’t become a pattern! I’ve been taking it very easy on the weekends and getting lots of rest which I attribute to being the only way I’m making it through the work weeks. The weekends are literally my saving grace these days.

Cravings/Appetite: I’ve been giving into my caffeine cravings more than usual the last few weeks but am working on cutting back again. Honestly, there are some mornings that the only thing that gets me out of bed is a Chickfila coke. I’ve been craving things with crunchy textures such as grapes, ice, chips, etc.. I never know what I want to eat and the only thing that ever sounds good is a big bowl of cereal and two gallons of milk.

Clothes: Maternity pants and leggings are the name of the game around here… they’ve both been in heavy rotation for weeks. I have one pair or prepregnancy jeans that I can still wear and most of my loose tops are still fitting but are definitely nearing their end. Thank goodness Fall weather is coming because I’m beyond ready for sweaters, leggings, and boots everyday. It will make my life so much easier!
Favorite Leggings: Loft Lou and Grey Ponte Leggings
Favorite Sweaters: GAP Maternity! I love their Eversoft V-neck sweater

Movement: Avery is definitely a mover and a shaker..and since I don’t have anything to compare it to, it seems like a lot! I can definitely tell when she’s sleeping and when she’s awake. Her movements are very noticeable and I think I am starting to be able to tell when it’s her little booty and when it’s a leg/foot or arm/hand. She favors the left side of the uterus and she likes to nestle in deep into my side. I can just imagine her curled up all cozy in there and it definitely makes any discomfort worth it! I just wish I could keep her in there safe and protected from the world for forever…. I’m sure I’ll be feeling different in a few more weeks!!

Changes in Me: My size and shape is obviously the most noticeable! I’ve gained around 15 pounds at this point but almost half of that was last month alone! I’m anxious to see what the scales say over the next few months! Yikes!

Baby Purchases: I finally ordered her crib bedding this weekend. I just couldn’t make a decision until I saw this: washed appliquéd fleur nursery bedding collection

I just think it is so beautiful! I can’t wait for it to come in and I can get her crib all ready for her!!

Favorite Moment This Week: Buying Avery’s crib bedding was definitely one of them! I also made our 4D ultrasound appointment for next week. Kyle and I are so excited to see her sweet face!!

Looking Forward To: Beginning to wash all of her sweet bedding, towels, blankets, and clothes…. It’s on my todo list to start the washing process.


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