31 Weeks Update

31 Weeks!


Size of Baby: Kyle and I had our 4D ultrasound today and she measured around 3 pounds and 12 ounces! I forgot to ask about length but I remember her saying AC was measuring a little longer than average but not by much!

How I’m Feeling: This has been a rough week! I’ve been experiencing some extremely painful back pains. I’ve dealt with back pains for the past several years but this is a whole different pain! Sitting down used to help ease the pain but that hasn’t been helping lately. The heating pad has been helping though! I alternate between using it while laying down and while siting up. When the heating pad fails to help I’ve been taking warm baths. I still feel good and mostly pain free in the mornings but by mid afternoon the back pain sets in.

Today in our 4D ultrasound she mentioned that Avery was head down and positioned very low! Which was causing the extra back/hip/bladder pressure and causing the intense back pain. (Thanks sweet cheeks!)

Cravings/Appetite: No particular cravings lately… I feel like my appetite is less than it has been in previous months. I’m really hungry in the mornings and at lunch but by dinner time I could take or leave it. I’m more content with a small snack.

I’ve also been loving some Milkyways and chocolate lately! Yum, yummy!

Clothes: I’m so thankful that Fall weather is making an appearance. I’ve been loving soft sweaters, leggings, and boots. I’m very thankful that my third trimester is happening through Fall/winter!

Movement: She is still giving me some strong movements! Today during our 4D ultrasound she kept popping her leg up and down and it was so fun to see the movement actually causing the feelings! She was head down with her booty up around my belly button and she had one leg squished up around her face and one down with her hand grabbing her booty cheek! It was so cute I could barely stand it!! She’s got some chunky thighs and chubby cheeks and of course I think she’s about the most darling thing I’ve ever seen!!

Changes in Me: I go to the doctor on Wednesday and am anxious to check my weight gain after having gained so much last month! Eek!

Baby Purchases: Avery’s crib bedding came in the mail today! Yay!!


I just adore it! Even though it took me forever to iron that dang crib skirt it was so worth it…. I think it is so beautiful and girly!

I also took advantage of a weekend GAP flash sale and scored several outfits for Avery. I’ve been so worried about what sizes to buy her and now that I know she’s weighing a bit above average I feel safe in buying more clothing in newborn/0-3 months versus premie sizes.

Favorite Moment This Week: Definitely the 4D ultrasound!! I wish I could do one every week! It was so fun to experience that with Kyle and our ultrasound technician was amazing! She took over an hour with us and went over every inch of her body checking and showing us that Avery was growing healthy and strong! It was worth every penny and I highly recommend doing one! It just calmed any worries I had and just made me fall even more in love with her!!!




I also had my first baby shower Sunday and am so thankful for the blessings Avery received!! She’s a lucky little lady and is already so very loved which just fills my heart with joy!!






Looking Forward To: My doctors appointment on Wednesday, and my work baby shower on Thursday!!


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