Two for One Bump Update



Size of Baby: According to my app, little lady is measuring about 4-4.5 pounds and around 17 inches long. However, I’m pretty sure that’s wrong because I think she’s really about 10 pounds and 50 inches long.

That’s just my guess though.

How I’m Feeling: Last week was a pretty good week on the comfort scale… AC was spending more time at the front of my stomach instead of her usual spot; curled up on my left side. This has helped ease some of the back pain I had been feeling. It did cause some stretching pain around my belly button which is still going on….girls gotta grow I guess.

Sleeping and driving are the least comfortable things I have to do right now…up there with putting on socks and leggings. I’ve tried all different kinds of pillow combinations…y’all I could create a Tetris game – pillow style… but nothing is working. My doctor recommended using a throw blanket to create a thinner barrier between my belly and the bed but that just made me hot. So I just toss and turn until the exhaustion fully takes over and I pass out. Luckily I’ve been sooooo tired that falling asleep has been pretty quick and easy!

Speaking of exhaustion… I have reached new levels of tiredness. I have been tired this entire pregnancy. It’s been the one symptom that has carried through all three trimesters. But the last few weeks have hit the epitome of tired. I have literally fallen asleep while sitting up…possibly while holding a bowl of half eaten ice cream… I have woken myself up snoring numerous times…I’ve started drooling (super sexy) and on the weekends I’m sleeping a solid 13-14 hours a night plus at least one nap in the afternoon. I have begun contemplating naps in my reading nook during lunch breaks! Doesn’t my body know that I have a million things to do?!? Or maybe it’s trying to stockpile rest before AC makes her debut and I begin fantasizing about the days when I could sleep more than three hours at a time.

Cravings/Appetite: I wouldn’t call it a craving but I’ve been eating a lot of plain vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce… Yum!!

I’ve also ate McDonalds three days in a row… but let’s not talk about that.

I eat oatmeal and a peanut butter/banana sandwich almost everyday but that’s mainly because they keep me full while offering some protein, fiber, potassium, etc.
………..the Cheetos and candy I eat with it each day is just for good measure.

I’ve still been holding strong on the water front. I get so thirsty in the middle of the night which I’m convinced is some cruel joke that God is playing on my poor pregnant bladder.

Clothes: It’s mainly leggings, long sweaters, and boots these days. If I could get away with wearing my sleep shirts to work I totally would…however, seeing that flip flops and sleeveless tops have become a no-no on our new dress code I’m pretty sure going to work bra less in my sleep shirt would be grounds for suspension.

Movement: I’m loving the strong movements I’m still feeling. Her movements seem to be more whole body movements compared to random kicks. I also got to experience feeling her hiccup for the first time!! I felt it again last night and it made my heart so happy! It’s just the cutest thing to me!! I can visually see her little booty moving around and it protrudes out of my stomach like a growth. It’s become so noticeable that the ladies at work have noticed it from across the table. Crazy!

Changes in Me: I have gained a total of around 23 pounds which still astonishes me. I know on the grand scale of things that is so very little but to someone who has struggled to gain weight most of my life, it is very surreal to see the numbers that come across the doctors scale each visit. Most of my maternity clothes (especially pants) have started getting snug and I’ve had to become very inventive with my outfits lately. I refuse to go buy new clothes being so close to my due date though.

Baby Purchases: I’ve been going through the registry and using gift cards to purchase the must haves…. Nose Frida, thermometers, changing pad, Ubbi diaper pail, etc. I’ve also been picking up wipes every time I go to the store and I’ve attempted to purchase diapers. There are two styles of diapers I’ve been wanting to stock up on and they must be popular because Target and Kroger have been out every time I’ve looked this past month! I’ve decided to sign up for Amazon Prime Mom and get signed up on the diaper subscriptions to save some $$$. Plus you can purchase opened and damaged boxes for an average of $8-10 off regular diaper prices… plus I’m all about some free two day shipping. Diapers/wipes delivered right to my doorstep whenever I need them, plus a discount? Done deal.

I did purchase/return a swing…change my mind on the brand/style…fought to return a warranty for the returned swing… But let’s not go there.

I also scored some more Baby Gap clothing/hats on sale. I’m loving AC’s winter “jacket” and can’t wait to bundle her up in it!!


Favorite Moment This Week: Feeling her hiccup!! I also went through and washed/organized all of her clothing this weekend. It was so fun just touching and folding all of her cute onesies and knowing she will soon be in them!


2 thoughts on “Two for One Bump Update

  1. Kara Johnson says:

    OMG I snored and drooled at the end too! You look so good! AC will be here in no time! Sleep while you can!! I promise I’ll take over a feeding and give you some sleep over Christmas break. Surly she’ll be here by then!!

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