Falling Behind

35/36 Weeks

Size of Baby: AC is around 6 pounds and gaining about half a pound each week! I’m still convinced she’s 15 pounds…. I can literally feel her get heavier and heavier. She’s also around 18 inches long. I fully believe that! There are times that I assume she must be stretching because I can feel moments way down at the bottom of my belly and way at the very top! It’s quite uncomfortable! There have been a few nights that I was certain she was coming out! I also feel like she could claw her way out of my stomach at any minute…

How I’m Feeling: These have definitely not been the easiest weeks. I have become very uncomfortable (specifically at night) and have been experiencing some sharp pelvic pains while walking. I’ve also been having some strong mid-back pains. I’ve learned that if I just keep moving, I feel much better…. until I stop. I am also more comfortable standing than sitting. I have a short torso and when I’m sitting Avery is just so crunched! Sleeping is a lost cause. My belly feels so heavy that sleeping on my side pulls at my back muscles but sleeping on my back causes Avery to throw a fit and restricts my breathing so that’s probably not a great position.

My energy levels have been decent which has helped motivate me to get last minute baby prepping done. I’ve been making lists like crazy and trying to get things ready!!

Cravings/Appetite: MILK!! I’ve begun drinking 1-2 16oz glasses with my breakfast in the morning and sometimes another glass at night! I’ve also been eating the heck out of some Corn Pops! Yumm!

Clothes: I said that I refused to make any new clothes purchases until after delivery but GAP Maternity was having an awesome sale this week so I snagged some much needed long sleeve shirts for next to nothing. I bought one that’s a little big to allow any more growing that may occur these last few weeks and I bought one that was a little small that I can wear post baby. They button in the front so I figured I could double their use as nursing tops as well. Plus they’re from GAP so they’re super cute and comfy!

I also picked out Avery’s holiday outfits! I’ve been searching for an outfit that isn’t really a “Christmas” outfit but could be worn through the winter in case AC decides to hold hostage past her due date. I wanted her to have something that I could pass as a Christmas outfit but that she could get wear out of for a while. Of course Baby GAP had what I needed! I think I’ve been in our local store every week the past few months!


I’m pairing the red cardigan and moose bodysuit with some red ruffle bottom leggings. The cardigan is so soft!! I hope they put out a neural color made with the same fabric.

I’m pairing the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” shirt with some black leggings and silver booties for her New Years Eve outfit!

Dressing babies is such fun!!

Movement: She is still moving regularly. I have been loving her hiccups. She gets them 2-5 times a day and it’s such a fun feeling!! She’s definitely low on space because her movements have become painful at times. She likes to ball herself up and it stretches my stomach into some pretty comical shapes! I’ve also been able to recognize when she’s poking out a foot/knee or elbow. She’s always favored the left side of my stomach but lately she’s been stretching out across the middle and also spending more time on the right side. I definitely feel more pressure with her movements than little flutters or tickles. Like I said earlier… there have been a few times that I swore she was clawing/kicking her way out!!

Changes in Me: So far I have gained 27 pounds which absolutely blows my mind! So far all of my weight has been gained in my belly which is nice on some levels but when you think about 27 pounds all gained in one specific area….it’s pretty crazy!! It’s a miracle I can even walk! It’s no wonder I’m out of breath from walking across the room.

The biggest changes I’ve noticed these past few weeks have been in how I’m feeling. The aches and pains are daily and it just makes me more ready for her to hurry up and get here!!

Baby Purchases: I’ve been going through and making the last “necessary” purchases: breast pump, changing pad covers, swing (finally decided on the 4moms mamaRoo), a few more swaddles, soothers, etc. I’ve also been making purchases for myself….because I had completely forgotten about things I may need! I’ve been stocking up on daily supplies such as shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, etc…. things that I won’t be able to run out and purchase like normal. I’m picky about brands when it comes to detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, etc so I’ve been stocking up on those as well so that I don’t have to worry about it for a few months! Her nursery still has nothing on the walls which is stressing me out but I’m forcing myself to not think about it…

I am off work this entire week for Thanksgiving so I’m planning my days wisely and working to get as much done as possible!!

Favorite Moment This Week: Getting things marked off the to-do list! I also packed Avery’s hospital bag and plan to pack mine this week! It helps my anxiety knowing I’m as prepared as possible.

Looking Forward To: having the week off to rest and get some final things ready for sweet Avery! I’m also excited about having Landon here for Thanksgiving and getting to spend time with Kyle’s family just enjoying the holiday! We’ve also started putting up Christmas decorations and it just warms my heart knowing that in a few short weeks we will be brining Avery home and sharing our first Christmas together! (Hopefully!)


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