37 Weeks



Size of Baby:


How I’m Feeling: I have enjoyed some much needed time off work this week. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I can sleep until my body wakes itself up. However, I still feel better when I get up and get moving. I told myself I was going to do all these relaxing things this week and I did none of them. I didn’t get a prenatal message or a pedicure… I didn’t go to a movie… I didn’t sleep in until 9 everyday… I didn’t pack my hospital bag… I didn’t get measured for nursing bras… Nada. I did however get up with Kyle everyday and run errands, had breakfast dates, cleaned up the house, put up Christmas decorations, did some Christmas shopping, went to the mall several times, and had several lunch dates with Kyle. I guess it evens out. We also spent a lot of time with Landon and with Kyle’s family which has been really nice!!

I’m still hurting pretty bad in the evenings and sleeping has become my least favorite thing to do. I always thought I would never get to the point where I dreaded going to bed but I’m there. I just can’t get comfortable and I’ve been having pains at night. Avery likes to ball herself up in my stomach and it’s SO uncomfortable!

I still feel good in the mornings and it’s when I have the most energy but by 1/2:00 I’m spent! It’s going to be rough transitioning back into a work schedule next week. I’m really dreading it to be honest. I just don’t know where I’m going to find the energy to finish out these last few weeks of school…. but at least the end is in sight!!!

Cravings/Appetite: I haven’t had any specific cravings this week but Thanksgiving dinner tasted exceptionally delicious!! I ate my entire plate of food and managed to not have any heartburn. (Can I get an amen?!)

Kyle’s mom made these no bake cookies that were made with oatmeal, chocolate, hazelnut spread, and a bunch of other magical ingredients and I will say that I had no less than like…8 of them. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since… heavenly.

Clothes: I haven’t bought any clothes for myself or for Avery this week. Miracle

Movement: Girl still has some crazy hiccups. I hope that it doesn’t mean she’s:
1. creating strong lungs to do lots of bloody screaming with…
2. going to have acid reflux

I’ve read things saying yes and no to both of these.
We shall see!!

Changes in Me: I feel like I’ve gained a little weight this week but I don’t go to the doctor until Friday so I won’t know until then.

I do keep bumping my belly into things lately and I may or may not have gotten stuck attempting to get through the front door of my in-laws house on Thanksgiving….before dinner.

Baby Purchases: I made a few purchases for post baby recovery and I did manage to find a robe I liked! I wanted to get one that I could wear in the hospital but would also wear after AC arrived and finally found a super cute one at Dillards this week!

Favorite Moment This Week: Getting to spend some extra time with Kyle and with family through the holiday. It was nice just worrying about getting up and dressed and enjoying my day instead of worrying about grading, planning, walk throughs, meetings, reading groups, testing, and all the other million things I deal with everyday at work. There were a few mornings I just sat in bed, enjoying the silence cuddled up with my puppies… It was pretty wonderful.


Looking Forward To: My doctors apt on Friday. We’re supposed to be doing an ultra sound to check on little AC and make sure she’s in position! I’m also planning to take that day off and enjoy a three day weekend! My doctors apt is in the middle of the day which makes it difficult to take a half day so I’m going to use one of my personal days. I plan to get measured/go shopping for nursing bras since I can do it on the same campus as my doctors office. Plus, the thought of a 3 day weekend makes the thought of making it through this next week seem a bit more attainable.


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