Rub-a-dub-dub ….


As a 37 week pregnant lady who works with 22 second graders all day my favorite part of the day has become bath time.

I’ve never been a bath person… I’ve always thought they were boring and kind of gross. By the time you filled the tub the water was always too hot or lukewarm… then you sit in your own filth for about 10 minutes until you’re either sweating or shivering from the change in water temperature. I just wasn’t a happy bather.

Well necessity is the mother of invention people.

When I hit month 7 in this pregnancy I really started battling aches and pains. As a teacher I spend my day going 100mph and I rarely have time to sit down. Combine that with taking care of a home, husband, and two dogs and you’ve got yourself one tired and sore lady. I needed something to help relieve the aches and pains when the heating pad no longer helped.

I had been reading a lot of pregnancy blogs and apps that recommended bathing as a great remedy to the daily pains that carrying/creating a human can bring…. My thought: Uuuuggghhhhh

I became determined to enjoy baths and so through my trial and errors I found a bathing combination that worked well for me. I have a few favorite products that I thought I’d share!

1. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, Soften & Nourish with Milk and Honey

I actually happened to have this at home from a failed Pinterest home pedicure recipe. Pour about 2 cups into warm running water and it leaves your skin feeling SO soft after your bath. When you first get in you can immediately feel it’s effect. Your skin feels silky smooth! There are a ton of benefits of soaking in Epsom salt plus this particular blend smells amazing.

2. Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath (LAVENDER CHAMOMILE)

I’ve just recently gotten on the Bath and Body Works bandwagon. I’m only like…. 10 years too late? I’ve always been a bar soap kind of gal. I don’t like a strong scented shower gel, lotion, etc. The thought of combining a different scent of soap, lotion, then perfume just makes me want to gag. I cant handle all the scents combining. I always enjoy/enjoyed being gifted fun lotion and shower gel scents but I always went back to my trusty Dove bar soap, Vaseline Aloe Fresh scented lotion (It’s by far my favorite lotion…such a gentle clean scent!), and whatever perfume I was using at the time. However, I used the B&BW Aromatherapy Lavender Stress Relief at a friends house one day and really loved it’s gentle smell! It really did have such a relaxing scent. I immediately went to my local store and bought 3 bottles! I used that in my bath for several weeks until one of my students gifted me the Aromatherapy Sleep scent. It mixes perfectly with the scent of the Epsom salt and just puts me in such a relaxed mood! I feel like it really does help me sleep better!

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Towel Collection

Soft towels is where it’s at, y’all.
I’m very picky about my towels. When Kyle and I got married it was the first thing I researched before putting on our registry. When prepping Avery’s bath supplies I bought a few different brand of towels and washed them several times to make sure they stayed soft!

These Kenneth Cole Reaction towels are one of my favorite brands. All of the towels/hand towels, and washcloths that Kyle and I have in our bathroom are this brand. I love getting out of a relaxing bath and wrapping up in one of these cozy towels! To me, good linens are a necessity.

4. Space Heater
I’m not linking any specific brand because I don’t have a preference. Ours has a few different temperature settings, rotates, and has a safety shut off setting…. to me that was all I needed. We keep ours in our master bathroom all year long but really only use it during the winter months. Our bathroom stays pretty cold and is fairly large so it’s nice to have a space heater that can quickly warm up the room. I like to turn this on once I get into the bath and by the time I get out the room is toasty warm!

5. A Wall Mounted T.V. (Optional)
One feature we have in our house is a television mounted in our master bathroom. At first I thought this was completely unnecessary but now I know that I was wrong. It is completely necessary…in my opinion. Kyle had his own reasons for putting the television in the bathroom when he was building our house but I love that it can easily be seen from the bathtub. Now I never have to miss an episode of Real Housewives or Nashville during my nightly bathing time!

All of these things have helped me become a lover of baths these last few months. Plus the relief they give my aching back, legs, and feet is priceless!


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