Christmas Wishing::2014

Let me say this: I had the hardest time thinking of things I wanted for Christmas this year. There were tons of things that I thought would be nice to have but the only thing I really want is for this sweet baby to be here! I could think of a hundred things I want to get for Avery but when it came to me: nothing.

Kyle finally put the pressure on and said that if I wanted anything for Christmas that I needed to get my list together….and email it to him….with pictures…and links attached. That’s just how we roll.

The first place I went was to Nordstrom’s gift guides. They are my go-to for buying Christmas gifts every year. If I can’t think of what to get someone they always have great ideas. I love the fact that they always have free shipping and returns and you can narrow your search by gender, age, and price point.

I still struggled with picking out items though! Clothing is just out. I can’t even. I have no idea what my post baby body will look like and what changes will stay and which ones will go…so buying clothes at this point is pretty pointless. I don’t need perfume or makeup… I’m not a huge scarf fan… and I know that the next few months will predominately be spent at home with my sweet babe. I wanted to ask for things I need but also a few things I want. It’s Christmas after all!!

So here’s what I came up with…………



1. Topshop Jogger Pants
I’m pretty sure most of the items I put on my “Christmas List” this year fall under the category of pajamas! I have my old trusty comfy pajamas that I’ve worn for years but with AC on the way I wanted pajamas that were more loungewear and less sleepwear. I know people will be stopping by and wanting to see our sweet bundle and I also know that there will be many days (especially those first weeks) that I won’t want to get fully ready and dressed. I want to have options that are comfortable but I also don’t want to feel like I’m in my pajamas all day.

2. Nadri Gold Stud Earrings

3. Gold Bar Necklace
I love this simple gold bar necklace. I also love that I can add a charm with an ‘A’ on it once Avery gets here. Love this.

4. Minnetonka Cally Slipper
I love that these are comfy and cozy to wear around the house but also have a good sole on them so I can wear them when letting the dogs in and out. win/win.

5. UGG Slub Knit Cardigan
I really just love all of the UGG pajama and loungewear line. Their products are so well made and just so dang comfortable! I love that I can throw this over a nursing tank and keep comfortable and warm!

6. Jane Bleeker Knit Pants
I recently purchased the matching robe to these pants at Dillards. I wanted to have a robe at the hospital for Avery’s delivery and at home afterwards but I didn’t want a bulky, long one. This brand has such cute prints and their fabric is so soft and well made. I decided I needed the matching pants too!

7. Louis Vuitton Portobello PM Bag
A girl can dream, right?
This was my… “Hey, I will just have given birth to a human and I totally deserve this, right?” gift.

At the end of the day if all I receive for Christmas is a healthy baby girl I would be more than grateful and content.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of year!!!


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