38/39 Week Update

Size of Baby:
What my app says:
What I know:
We had our last ultrasound a week ago and my doctor estimated that she was around 6.9lbs so I’m thinking she’s a little smaller than what the app is saying…weight wise. I’m not sure about length. She seems SO long but it may just be that my torso is SO small she’s just crammed in there like a cute little sardine!!

How I’m Feeling:
This depends on the day… some days I wake up feeling good and energized but some days I wake up hurting all over and feeling like a zombie! I had several rough days this week. Days where I felt like I deserved a dang medal for even getting out of bed, throwing my hair in a pony tail, and dragging my big Ol’ belly into work. I fought keeping my eyes open all day and fought even harder to find the motivation to teach. Halfway through the week, running on 3-4 hours of sleep, I had a middle of the night meltdown. It was 12:30 and I’d been to the bathroom about 7 times at that point. I’d spent three hours tossing and turning and hurting. I finally got up, gathered my 5 pillows, and headed to the couch. On the way there I managed to knock off a stocking holder from the mantel which upset me even more because I was so sure I had broken it. Poor Kyle followed me and tried to help get me comfortable but all I could do was shout, “I’m just so tired and I just want to sleep!!!” through sobs of tears. It was my finest pregnancy moment to date…

At my doctors apt Thursday I was told I could take a Benadryl to help me sleep and that was the first thing I bought on my way home yesterday. The thought of slumbering through the weekend in an allergy medicine induced coma sounded better than all the dang money in the world!!

I popped one of those boogers about 10:00 last night and slept until 9:00 this morning. Granted I still had about 12 bathroom trips and I’ve acquired a sore throat from one of my students… I feel slightly reenergized and ready to take on possibly my last weekend without baby!

No real cravings… my appetite has been sporadic. Sometimes I’m starving (usually in the mornings) and sometimes I could care less about eating at all.

I have been loving: mild wings from Wingstop, salad and sweet tea from Olive Garden, milk, chocolate Christmas candy, and I made some beef tips this week that I scarfed down and plan to make again soon!

I haven’t bought any clothes for myself as I know my pregnancy days are limited. I’ve bought a long sleeve button nightgown and house shoes from GAP that I can wear in the hospital plus afterwards for nursing. I finally bought a nursing bra. My doctor recommended waiting until after I gave birth but I felt better knowing I had at least one already.

Still feeling her hiccups and she enjoys poking her little foot out and it protrudes out of the top of my belly. Other than that her movements have slowed down as she has ran out of room. Her movements are heavy and strong when she does move. I can feel her weight and shape shift when I change sleeping positions which is really neat but also a bit painful! Girls getting heavy.

Changes in Me:
My weight is staying the same and I don’t really feel like my belly is growing anymore. It does change shape depending on how she’s curled up in there. I don’t feel like she’s dropped at all which makes me nervous but I’ve been told that sometimes it doesn’t happen until right before labor. We will see!!

I haven’t had much swelling, just a little in my hands and legs after being on my feet all day.

Baby Purchases:
Kyle and I made some final purchases last weekend… Rock and Play, breast pump accessories, and I’ve been working on purchasing postpartum recovery items that have been recommended.

I bought her some adorable headbands from Nordstrom’s and immediately put them in her hospital bag. I hope to get a super adorable picture with her wearing one after she’s born! I also bought her baby book and have started filling out parts of it! It’s so cute and girly and I hope she appreciates it when she gets older. I enjoy looking at mine so hopefully she will as well!

Kyle and I purchased her first Christmas book last night which was fun! We bought the classic version of The Night Before Christmas and I plan to write a note inside of it to her. I’m praying she gets here in time to read it to her on Christmas Eve! I just love the idea of being home with our newborn baby and reading that to her in front of the Christmas tree. Fingers crossed!!!

Favorite Moment This Week:
I loved getting to see her on the ultrasound even if it was difficult to make out… There is just no comparison to the 4D ultrasound! She did zoom in on her heart so we could see it pumping and beating healthily. That’s always comforting!

I’m loving and hating the waiting game right now. On one hand I’ve enjoyed getting things prepped and ready and indulging in things like getting my nails done and finishing up Christmas shopping without stressing about baby stuff. I feel like my classroom is finally ready and I can let go of that stress as well. I’m enjoying these last few days with just Kyle and I and our pups. I’m enjoying running errands at my own pace and just walking through the mall and window shopping. I feel like I’m preparing to move away…like I won’t be back out in civilization for so long that I have to take in every noise, light, and sound…

On the other hand I’m ready to get her here! Kyle is struggling even more than I am… He’s researching every trick we can try to induce labor at home and I think he’s getting a little impatient with my patience.

Looking Forward To:
My doctors appointment on Wednesday. I will be 39 + 4 at that point and my doctor said if I haven’t shown many signs of progression she will see what she can stir up…. I’m not sure what all that entails but I’m not super excited about it. I’m hoping little lady will get motivated on her own!!

I’m also looking forward to another relaxing weekend!!


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