40 Weeks… 1 Day

We’ve reached the end of the countdown… the end of the, “Your baby is the size of…” list, the end of my week by week email updates…. But not the end of my pregnancy. *sigh*

We had what I thought was going to be my last doctor appointment this past Wednesday and while our little peanut is making progress we are still not quite there. Without sharing TMI she is in a great engaged position and we are just in the midst of the waiting game. Both Avery and I are healthy and my doctor isn’t concerned about her being a 9/10lb baby so we haven’t discussed inducing. I’d personally prefer waiting it out and going into labor naturally if possible. Other than being impatient and wanting to meet my sweet lady there isn’t any reason not to wait it out at this point.

We go back to the doctor on Tuesday and we will see if any progress has been made from last week… I’m pretty positive there has been!!

So here is my week 40 update with hopes that this will be the last one I write!!

Size of Baby:
What my app says:


How I’m Feeling:
I’ve had a pretty good week all things considering!! I finished out the school week feeling prepared to be out for a few months. I made it through the classroom party (barely) and through pajama day on Friday. Honestly, it relieved a lot of stress making it through the week without going into labor. It would have majorly stressed me out leaving one day and not being able to say goodbye to the students/staff and feeling as though all my “ducks” weren’t in a row.

On Friday I started feeling some major cramping and just heavy pressure in my lower abdomen. I’m thankful it was an ‘easy’ day and I could stay off my feet for most of the time!

I have felt especially tired the past two days. I’m sleeping decent and through the day I feel like I need several naps but I usually just end up sitting and resting versus actually sleeping. I keep hoping I’ll get that extra spurt of energy and clean my house from top to bottom but I really don’t foresee that happening.

I’ve reached the stage of acceptance: I made it to my due date working around 50-60 hours a week all while prepping for baby at home and preparing for a long term substitute at work and still taking care of all the household duties. I feel like a freaking champion to be honest!!! Anything not done at this point is nonexistent to me…I refuse to see it.

No decorations on the nursery wall? Who cares…she won’t be in there for a few months anyway. I still have time.

Vehicles not detailed/vacuumed? Ehh she’ll be in her car seat anyways. I can send Kyle out to do that after she’s arrived and he’s going stir crazy from sitting in the house.

Never ordered a new rug for the living room? Good thing she won’t be crawling right away and thank goodness for blankets and baby mats for tummy time. At least if there are any spit up/poop explosions on the rug I won’t be stressed that it’s brand new!

Again, I’ve reached the stage of acceptance and I’m much less stressed because of it!

I’ve been eating like normal. A lot of women have mentioned that at this stage eating was difficult due to heartburn and/or the baby taking up so much space in their torso. I have not had that problem.

Kyle and I went out to dinner Friday night thinking: Let’s eat somewhere delicious because surely this will be the last Friday night out for a while. We went to Arthur’s Steakhouse and I was set on having lobster.


I ate SO.MUCH.FOOD! I ate my entire lobster, green beans, mashed potatoes, and two pieces of bread… It was amazingly delicious. I can’t even describe it. If I make it to 41 weeks I may convince Kyle that I deserve this meal again.

I also now believe Avery hasn’t made her debut because I’ve been feeding her so well that she doesn’t want to leave her warm, cozy, safe home where she gets fed amazing food and then sleeps all day and night.

I really can’t blame her.

No clothing has been bought.. A few students have gifted us some really cute Baby Gap outfits though!

Movements are the same… Strong and forceful. I’ve felt her hiccups a few times this week which makes me happy!

Changes in Me:
My weight is the same… not growing too much which is fine by me! Still no swelling and overall I feel pretty good!! I feel that she has dropped a bit. I know she’s at a negative one station so she is engaging. My torso is so small I don’t feel like she will noticeably drop up until I go into labor. I feel that even in the last 24 hours she has dropped a bit. The pressure has definitely moved lower in my abdomen.

Baby Purchases:
We really haven’t made any purchases this week for the baby. She’s pretty set so I’ve been focusing on finishing up Christmas shopping. I think I’m all done with that as well! However, if she ends up waiting this week out I may end up buying more things because I plan to be at the mall walking all day, every day.

Favorite Moment This Week:
Finding out our progress at the doctor and I’ve enjoyed this weekend just relaxing! Now that I’m done with work I can just relax and not worry about anything to do with school! I am enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit and spending time with Kyle and the pups!! I’ve been watching lots of Christmas movies, staying in my pjs most of the day, having movie and dinner dates with my sweet husband, and just waiting!!

Looking Forward To:
The obvious: meeting our sweet Avery Claire!
My doctors appointment on Tuesday.
Christmas Eve and Christmas with our family….hopefully that includes AC too!


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