Avery Claire :: Month One



Weight: We have her first month checkup on Monday and I’m really anxious to see what she weighs! Little lady loves to eat! At her first week checkup she had gained weight and were at 7.1lbs so I have a feeling were in the 8lb range now….maybe more!

Update: at the doctor she weighed 8lbs and 11oz. The pediatrician said this put her into the 35th percentile… which I was surprised about! I thought that was pretty good weight gain. I don’t really understand all that percentile stuff anyways!


Height: Again, we will check this on Monday.

Update: Avery measured 21 1/4 inches long! No wonder her bodysuits are getting a little too small! Looks like I need to start buying some 0-3 month sizes.

Sleep: I have to brag on our little peanut….she’s a pretty dang good sleeper. I don’t expect her to stay that way and I’m sure my stint of sleepless nights are coming, but for now…she’s pretty easy in the sleep category. She sleeps about 18 hours a day and takes several naps. I decided at about week two that since she was such a good sleeper that I wasn’t going to go crazy with sleep training. I had read Babywise and thought I would start it around week three but when she started sleeping in four hour segments through the night I decided I would wait. The only timing I’m pretty regular on is getting her up around 8:30/9:00pm depending on if we do a bath. This puts her going to sleep between 10-11 which is great for mine and Kyle’s schedule. She wakes up around 1:30-2:30am then again around 5:00am and she will typically go back to sleep around 6:00am and sleep until 9:00am. I usually try to keep her up for an hour or so at this point and put her down for a nap around 11:00 so I can shower/eat lunch. Some days she fights her naps and will only nap for 30min to an hour and some days she barely wakes long enough to eat! We have started using a weighted swaddle and she sleeps SO well with it compared to her other swaddles. Right now I only use it at night because I want her to associate it with her nighttime routine but I have broken it out in one of her ‘fighting naps’ days so she would get a good nap.

(This picture cracks me up…)

This is one of Avery’s favorite things to do! The girl can EAT! It feels like she eats all the time but in reality it’s pretty average she just doesn’t nurse for long periods of time. From what I’ve read she’s described as a snacker. Instead of 25-35 minute nursing sessions she nurses for about 10-15 minutes but nurses more often.

Thankfully nursing came pretty easy for us. She was/is an excellent latcher even from the first nursing session. I had a couple days of soreness but since then it’s been fine. One problem we did encounter was Avery choking on my milk. My milk flow is quite quick and fast and it took both her and I some adjusting to help keep her from choking. In fact when she was 8 days old we took an unexpected trip to the Children’s Hospital ER because she got so choked she went limp and wasn’t responding. It was TERRIFYING!! I was afraid she had gotten fluid in her lungs and her eyes were dilated which is why we decided to take her to get checked out. Thankfully all was well and they told us some techniques to try to keep her from choking. So although her “snacker” status can make for some exhausting days for momma, it really benefits her in the end.

We have started introducing a slow flow nipple bottle and while she doesn’t like for me to give her a bottle she does great for her Grammy and Gamma. They said she takes it like a pro!

I haven’t found that she’s intolerant to anything I’ve been eating. I’ve been watching my caffeine and dairy intake but even on days where I’ve had more dairy than I probably should she hasn’t shown any difference. Hopefully she will stay that way! Nursing is stressful enough without having to think about every little thing I’m eating. Plus I’m STARVING all the time and I really just want to shove my face full of whatever is around!

Avery came out pretty tiny and started out in a couple of newborn items and a few preemie outfits. She quickly was able to wear all of her newborn size clothes and were still in that size. There are a few 0-3 month items that fit but not many…some brands (like Gerber) seem to run really small! I don’t think too much about what she wears these days because we spend our days inside at home. I mainly go with outfits that are cozy and comfy since she sleeps most of the day!

Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers Newborn
*** I will say that I’m not a fan of the Honest Co. diapers…while they are super cute, the only times we have had leaks/accidents have been while wearing that brand. Maybe as her size/shape changes they will work better for her but for now I’m not impressed.

She smiles a lot and even though “they” say it’s gas…I think she’s just a happy baby and smiles accordingly. Baths are ok as long as you get warm water on her ASAP. She loves falling asleep on momma’s chest and she likes when daddy walks her around the house and sings to her. She loves it when I warm up the bathroom before I take a shower. The warmth and soothing sounds of the water make her pass out every time. She loves her Rock n Play and her weighted swaddle. She loves being rocked to sleep by her Gamma and when her Pops wears bright colored shirts!

She’s really such a chill and content baby right now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Being naked….it’s the only time she let’s out blood curdling screams.
Getting out from the bath…it’s cold and you better have warm pjs to put on her ASAP. She’s not a fan of the car seat but she’s starting to tolerate it. She isn’t a fan of being in the car in general. She doesn’t like it when you take too long to start nursing…she’s not very patient when it comes to food. She hates it when the pups lick or sniff her…she gets a horrible look on her face. It’s so funny! She has just recently started taking a paccy and only a certain random one that came with her car seat. Of course she doesn’t want the soothers that we bought so many of…

She has been able to hold her head up (for just a second or two) since about the third week. Her Grammy (Kyle’s grandmother) came and stayed with me while Kyle went out of town last week and she was so amazed that she was holding her head up. She’s a strong little thing! After she nurses I always lay her on my chest and we do a little tummy time and this is when she’s started doing it the most. I have to be really careful when walking around with her because she flails her head around quite a bit!


Month One:
This has been a month full of emotions and learning for both momma and baby! I can’t stop taking pictures (and posting them…take this as my apology to those that are on my Facebook or Instagram!) of her and of course I think she’s just the most beautiful little lady!! It has been a full month with Kyle having to go out of town when she was only two weeks old and finding out Abby has cancer and starting the chemo/medicine process and all the challenges that has brought, but it has also been exciting as we start this parenting journey.

My love for Kyle has grown so much while watching him love and dote on our little girl and there have been a few times when I’ve been able to hand her over to him in order to avoid an emotional meltdown and he’s always so great about knowing when I need a break. I’m thankful he is supportive of my paranoia of getting Avery out due to all the flu/sickness this winter….even though I know he’s going stir crazy being at home so much! I am so thankful he’s the one I’m on this journey with and I can’t wait to see what the next months and years bring!!



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