::Life at 6 weeks::

We’ve reached a point (after 6 weeks) that we somewhat have a daily schedule. Our times still fluctuate and it still takes us 30 minutes to get out the door to go anywhere but we’re slowly building routines. It’s nice.


I haven’t started sleep training and I may jinx myself for saying this but I’m beginning to think we may not have to for awhile… As I’ve mentioned before, Avery is a great sleeper and for the past two nights she has just magically started sleeping for a 6 hour stretch. What!?! I’m telling you, this child makes me look like a prodigal first time mother. It isn’t anything I’m doing (lord knows I still have no idea what I’m doing as a mother) she has always done a great job regulating herself and I’m honestly terrified that if I introduce sleep training that it would mess her natural schedule up…so I’m not doing it…yet. I have had one sleepless night (her first night home) with AC and until I have more…I just don’t see the point of jacking up her sleep. I like that she’s flexible and works into our schedule and I really don’t want to be trapped by her schedule quite yet.
However, I do like the idea of having a set schedule that:
1. Allows time for Kyle and I to enjoy time together alone in the evening
2. Makes it easy for friends and family who may keep her overnight at some point

I’m just not stressing about it right now…

Anyways, I like the idea of documenting how our life is right now compared to what it will be like 6 weeks from now and 6 weeks after that, etc.

I feel like I need to start with our bedtime routine since that’s the only thing I keep relatively the same each day.

Unless we’re at Kyle’s parents house or if we’re out to dinner/movie, I wake Avery up from her evening nap around 9:00. If we’re doing a bath that night I wake her up at 8:30. We get our pjs on, change her diaper, put her in her weighted swaddle, and I nurse her for about 15-20 minutes. I make sure to have her Rock n Play and sound machine ready. Sometimes I nurse her in our bed if Kyle and I are watching TV. After nursing her I cuddle and rock her until she’s pretty much asleep and then put her in her Rock n Play. She’s usually asleep by 10:00 or 10:30 depending on how long she nurses.

2:30/3:00 – nighttime feeding. I leave her swaddled and don’t change her unless she’s got a dirty diaper. I try to get her as soon as I hear her stirring so she doesn’t wake up too much. This tends to help her go back to sleep quicker. She eats quickly and I’m usually back in bed about 30 minutes later. I don’t usually have to rock her to sleep with this feeding and she’s even slightly awake when I put her down but she soothes herself to sleep. (Thank you weighted swaddle!!)
** The last two nights she has skipped this feeding but we’ve also gone to bed a bit later (around 11:00)
When she has skipped this feeding she has woken up around 5:30 and then gone back to sleep after nursing.


6:30/7:00 – morning feeding. I’ll typically change her diaper at this point and sometimes unswaddle her. I’ll nurse her and she typically goes back to bed for a few more hours.

8:30/9:00 – unswaddle/check diaper. I’ll eat my breakfast at this point and we will play for a while, do tummy time, or read books.

10:30 – goes down for a nap. I’ll typically nurse her to sleep and then use the next couple hours to shower/eat lunch/ clean house.

1:00 – 5:00 – a series of napping and nursing


5:00 – I wake her up and nurse her before I start cooking dinner which is around 5:30/6 which allows Kyle and I to eat dinner together while she’s napping. She’s most alert during the evening which is great because it allows Kyle time to play with her and her actually be awake! She will doze off for about an hour during this time which is usually when we’re eating. I just put her in her Rock be Play and she will either soothe herself to sleep or she will just coo and kick and entertain herself for a while.

8:30/9:00 – we start our evening schedule

I’m still nursing on demand so like I’ve said our schedule varies but this is our rough outline. I’ve also started swaddling for her longer morning nap. I’ve never swaddled through the day because I wanted her to associate being swaddled with her nights but she started struggling to nap for more than 30 min or so at a time so I started using a basic easy swaddle for naps. I still only use the weighted Zen swaddle for nighttime though. I really love the Zen swaddle and I do feel like it has helped her at night. If anything it has helped her fall asleep quicker after nursing. It’s pricier than normal swaddles but they can be used up until they’re ready to transition out of a swaddle. There is a newborn pouch inside that caters to a newborns smaller size and once they reach 23 inches long you stop placing their legs into the pouch and use the outer fabric. Love it!! There is a weight on their chest and over each arm. It allows them to feel held even after laying them down which helps them fall asleep faster!


I look forward to seeing how our schedule is different in 6 more weeks!

Happy Friday!!



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