Snow Days :: February 2015

Like most of the country we’ve had a few frigid snow days around here… Unlike most of the country snow days here mean a complete shutdown of the city.

I don’t mind though… It meant getting an extra day at home with Kyle and as much as he has been traveling lately, I’ll gladly take it!!

On Saturday we had a BEAUTIFUL DAY. It was around 70 degrees and sunny. It was heaven. We knew bad weather was predicted so we made sure to stock up on the important things:
Ice cream

I was excited at the thought of snow because I REALLY wanted to get a picture of Avery with the snow and also justify buying two super cute body suits from the GAP that she is quickly outgrowing. Done and done.

Avery wasn’t a huge fan of the cold air. She’s too little to really enjoy the snow and the cold air across her face was more than she cared for…so our snow outing lasted all of about 2 minutes.

This is how she felt about being bundled up in her body suit.


She was O.V.E.R it before it even began. I was determined to get at least a few cute pictures though!!




There were a few pictures that didn’t make the cut:

Avery has perfected her Elvis lip…


We quickly ran inside and warmed back up. Needless to say I believe the rest of our snow days will be spent indoors by the fire.

I hope your snow days have been all you had wished for!


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