Avery Claire :: Month Two 

We have her second month checkup (and shots… Boo!) on Friday. I have a feeling she’s a solid 9 pounds or more these days!! I’ll update after the doctors appointment. 
Update: 10 pounds!! 

Again, we will check this on Friday but seeing that her newborn bodysuits and footies don’t fit anymore…there’s been some definite growth!! 
Update: 23 1/2 inches (84th percentile!)
Avery is still a great sleeper!! Around week 5 she started sleeping for a solid 5-6 hour stretch and she’s even had a few nights where she’s slept 7-8 hours straight. It’s wonderful for this momma!! We’re still using the weighted swaddle at night and it’s wonderful! I believe she’d be a great sleeper without it too but I really do feel it helps her sleep more soundly. 
Lately our schedule has been to go to bed between 9:30-10:30 and she will sleep until 3:30-4:30 and she goes back to sleep really quick which I am SO thankful for!! She will then get up around 7/8:00, eat and within an hour is ready for another nap. I will swaddle her for this nap with one of our non weighted swaddles and she’ll go back to sleep until around lunch time.. like 11:30/12:00. I’m LOVING this schedule. I’ve been taking full advantage of it and sleeping until around 10!! I feel like I’m so rested the rest of the day and can really make the most of my time with my sweet peanut. Other than that long morning nap she will take 2-3 shorter naps throughout the day (around 45 minutes each.) 
I’ve initiated a few naps in her Pack n Play which has been going well. I need to be better about making her nap in there but out of convenience I still have her mainly sleeping in the Rock n Play. I figure within the next couple weeks I’ll start having her nap in the crib. I said around month three I would place her Rock n Play in the nursery and have her sleep in there at night but the thought of her not being by my bed makes me so sad!! I guess because it’s just another sign she’s getting bigger and I just.can.not.deal!! 

Our eating habits are pretty much the same. I can tell her stomach has grown because she’s eating less frequently and more at each feeding. She doesn’t snack as much and since she’s really started taking to her Wubbanubs (can we get a hallelujah!?) she doesn’t need me to soothe her anymore. We started using Dr. Brown bottles and it has really helped with her choking that we struggled with using the other bottles. Even Kyle feels confident feeding her with the Dr. Brown bottles! 🙂 
We’re still exclusively using breastmilk but I do pump for bottles if I want to go shopping or if Kyle’s parents are watching her for the evening. It’s a lifesaver. I was determined to make sure she would take a bottle and I’m thankful that she took to it so easily. She will even take a bottle from me with no opposition. Score! 
I’m also still pumping to freeze and build up my supply for when I return to work in a couple months. Making sure I have enough milk for when I go back to work has seriously stressed me out. I’m determined not to supplement but I fear that I won’t be able to pump enough to be gone from her during the day. I still don’t know how that will all work out!! 

We’ve mostly outgrown our newborn outfits. She has gotten too long!! Her little legs just don’t have room in her newborn footies anymore. Her onesies mostly still fit but we’ve had to move up to 0-3 month pants. She’s growing like a weed!! It makes me so emotional sometimes. I already have a stack of clothing she’s outgrown. We’re kind of in between sizes so some 0-3 stuff is still too big. It depends on the outfit! It makes it hard to dress cute right now because all of her cute 0-3 outfits don’t quite fit yet!! Good thing we mostly just chill in our pjs all day since its been so stinking cold!! 
Pampers Swaddlers Size 1
We made the decision to move up to size 1 even though they’re still a little large. The newborn size was too small and leaving marks on her because they were too tight around her legs and booty. I feel like the size 1 is a little large but just like with our clothing were just stuck in between sizes right now. I decided to move up because I was afraid I would buy a box of diapers and she’d outgrow them before using them all! 

Sleeping is still a favorite!!
Bath time 
Reading with momma 
Laying on her play mat
Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)
Being tickled 
Nose Frieda (sometimes)    
Being cold 
Having lotion put on her 
Changing clothes – specifically her arms
Being scared (if the dogs or I sneak up on her)
Pictures where she is being posed (see below)

She is still just such a chill and happy baby. She is content to just watch me when I’m cooking or cleaning. I’m blown away every day at how content she is… She has her needy days but they’re rare. I love that I can just mostly go about my day and she’s just along for the ride. I can’t wait until this flu season is over and it warms up so I can take her more places. I know she could go anywhere with her personally right now. I’m looking forward to taking her on lots of strolls around the neighborhood and play dates in the park! 
Our little smiley girl has gone from smiling randomly to smiling on command. She smiles in reaction to things and people now which is super sweet. My favorite part of the day is when she first wakes up. I take her to change her diaper and get her out of our swaddle. This always leads to huge smiles
and stretches. Ahh. Just gets me right in the heart. That is one part of our day that I don’t plan to give up anytime soon. Such precious moments!! 

Just these past two weeks or so she has really started noticing the objects on her play mat and on the mobile in her Pack n Play. She follows them as they move and she even bats at them occasionally. I think she’ll be grabbing for them soon!! 

She has started jabbering to us. Not the “fussy” jabbers but the smiling, content jabber. So cute!!! 
She has really started pushing with her legs during tummy time and when lying on my chest. Her strength surprises me!! She’s been holding her head up since she was just a couple weeks but now she’s pushing her legs and bobbing her head. I could be totally wrong but I feel like she’s going to crawl early. She already has the basic movements, now we just have to get our strength built up! I’ve been introducing our Boppy pillow during tummy time and she is NOT a fan. She gets so upset and cries and it makes me feel like such a mean mommy!! But I know we have to do it… I try to make it more enjoyable by giving her a message or scratching her back or singing to her during that time. 
She has started producing tears when she cries and good grief if that isn’t heart breaking, I don’t know what is!! She also sticks out her bottom lip and puffs her cheeks and it’s just pitiful!! She gets so red in the face and if I can’t get to her fast enough her loud coughing cry is just the worst!!! I don’t know how I’m ever going to tell her no… She’s just too precious!! 
She has really gotten the hang of nursing too! Ever since about 3-4 weeks she rarely chocks herself and I can’t even remember the last time she spit up… She NEVER does that and I’m thankful we got through that phase. The choking and spitting up made me so nervous!! 

(She will hate me for this..)

Month One: 
We have really gotten into the swing of things around here. We go to dinner and lunch often, we go visit dad at work and to Pops and Gamma’s a lot. I’m still cautious of super public places due to the flu and colds but I’m much less stressed about taking her out. I keep her carrier covered and wash my hands a lot and it’s just been nice to get out of the house! I’m so ready for spring to really get lots of use out of our stroller. 
I’m much more comfortable with just the day to day life and I’m less paranoid about….well everything. I don’t freak out at every cough and squeak at night. I even feel comfortable enough to sleep with all the lights out! (Gasp!) 
She’s become so much more aware these last few weeks and I just love that as a family were all adjusting better with each other. I look forward to introducing her to Landon in a couple weeks and seeing how he responds to her! 
I have told Kyle several times that I’m amazed at how much more I love her each day. I can literally feel my love for her grow deeper and deeper. I also am faced with all these new paranoias and fears.(As if I needed more!) I feel more protective over her and I totally understand the concept of being willing to die for your child. The thought of anyone or anything harming her shoots my anxiety through the roof!! I just can’t handle it. I swear the day she starts school I’m going to need a prescription to some good anxiety meds! The thought of having her out of my sight and in another persons care just makes my blood pressure rise! 
Yall, I need prayers. 🙂 
She’s just my best little buddy and I’m so thankful I get to spend my days with her!! 

“I’ll eat you up, I love you so.” 
– Where the Wild Things Are 


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