While strolling through the deep crevices of Pinterest a few days ago, I came across a Pin for cute baby girl clothes. As someone who completely lacks the ability to piece together stylish outfits (I’d honestly rather just wear T-shirts and jeans) I often peruse Pinterest for cute outfit ideas. Now that I have a little lady to dress as well I’ve been spending more time getting some ‘Pinsperation’ for outfits for her. 

I clicked on the Pin for the cute outfit and it actually led to a link that gave a great DIY step by step for making headbands out of old T-shirts. Now, unlike most DIY instructions, I actually knew I could do this one. 

I just happened to have a large sack of old shirts,tanks,ect. that I had been planning to donate and it’s been sitting in the corner for several weeks. The first thing I pulled out was a cute summer tank from Target. It was made out of a really soft, stretchy material and I figured it would be perfect to experiment with. 

The instructions suggested starting at the bottom of the tank and making a cut a few inches long at the seam. 

Once you’ve made a slight cut you can start tearing until you get a long strip of fabric. 

You will need a few strips of fabric depending on which headband you want to make. There isn’t much rhyme or reason with your tearing and I actually had to start over and try tearing a new piece because my strips weren’t tearing very evenly. I eventually just used the scissors to cut a few strips. 

People, I couldn’t even tear fabric. That’s how NON DIYer I am. 

We have thus far established I am completely void and incapable of: 

1. Piecing together stylish outfits. 

2. Tearing fabric 

Depending on how thick you want your headband to be determines how thick to cut your fabric pieces. 

The fabric pieces are the length of the seam you first made your incision at to the seam on the other side of the tank top. 

I decided since my peanut is so little that the original  fabric pieces were too large so I cut each in half. This gave me 4 fabric pieces. 

The first headband was created by looping two pieces together and tying it at the back. To measure what size I needed I slipped it around Avery’s head. After tying a small knot at the back of her head, I cut off the excess fabric. (After removing the headband from my 2 month olds head of course.) 

I like to twirl the fabric pieces before putting it on to give it a twisted appearance. 

With the two remaining pieces of fabric I decided to make two simple bow headbands. I placed the fabric strip around her head and tied a little bow then cut off the extra fabric. 

Because the fabric of this tank was so soft and stretchy they stay on her head really well and she doesn’t mind them at all! 

While I’m no Martha Stewart and I still love a good thick bow headband, these are great for those outfits that need just a little something extra or for outfits that are a bit more casual. I love that they’re imperfect and just easy. Very simple and nothing fancy. 

I plan to dig through my sack and see what other things I can turn into headbands! 


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