Avery Claire :: Month Three


We go to the doctor April 24th for her four month appointment so we don’t have a current weight but I’m guessing 11/12 pound range.
Again, we will check this next month but she has got some legs on her! Her 3 month outfits are already too short! 
We are still doing great with sleep. There were a few rough days a few weeks ago when she just couldn’t seem to get back to sleep after her first long stretch. So I started allowing her to take an evening nap around 6:30/7:00 and getting her up around 8:00 to do bath, books, and then bed. She then sleeps from 9-2 and then 2-8. It varies from day to day but that’s usually our schedule. She still takes a good morning nap about an hour or two after waking and we cuddle up in bed and nap together sometimes and it’s my new favorite thing!! So sweet! 
We still take several naps through the day but they’re shorter than when she was a newborn. 
Pretty predictable. She eats about every 2-3 hours during the day. I still feed on demand and she’s gotten so quick at nursing!! I worry sometimes that she doesn’t get enough but she has plenty of wet diapers so I guess we’re good. We still do a bottle when I’m out of the house or if we go out to eat. She still does great with bottles!
We’ve officially packed up the newborn clothes (tear!) and moved into 0-3 month clothing. Some 0-3 month clothing is already too small!! I hate that there is such differences in size depending on the brand. 
I bought her her first pair of shoes (size 0) to go with her Easter outfit and they’re so cute! I know it’s silly but I love that she can fit into shoes now! I will probably go overboard buying cute sandals this summer and I refuse to apologize for it! I’m also excited to stop wearing stinking baby socks! I loathe them. I feel like a baby needs socks on to keep their feet warm when it’s chilly but I hate pulling them up all day! Annoying! I’m looking forward to warmer, sock free weather! We went on a stroll the other day and she kept sticking her toes out and feeling the wind blow over them. Super adorable! 
Diapers: HUGGIES size 1

So we ditched Pampers. The size 1 kept leaking overnight and putting off a really gross urine smell. I thought I was going crazy and was convinced she had a UTI but the more I researched the more discussions I found about people experiencing strong urine smells with Pampers. I also think they were just a tad too large which caused the leaks. On a whim I bought a box of Huggies size 1 diapers and turns out, they work really well for us!! No leaking or strong urine smell!! Woohoo! 
Sleeping is still a favorite!!
Bath time 
Reading with momma 
Laying on her play mat
Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)
Being tickled 
Our new ball which she can grasp with her fingers or toes! 
We have found our hands and LOVE sucking on those!! 
Stroller rides 


Being cold 
Having lotion put on her 
Changing clothes – specifically her arms
Being scared (if the dogs or I sneak up on her)
Not being able to fit both her hand and the bottle in her mouth at once. 
Being hungry
Our little smiley girl has just started laughing. I’ve only heard it a few times but she’s working really hard on it! She has figured out how to roll on to her side from her back. She has discovered her hands and has started sucking on them a lot! She has gotten pretty good at batting and grabbing toys. I knew she was getting close to learning how to grab toys so we spent about a week working really hard on it and one day she just randomly did it! I was so excited! She has started really kicking her legs and pushing against things. 
Month Three:
This has been my favorite month yet. She’s really starting to develop a personality and is starting to accomplish small milestones. It’s so fun watching her explore and learn. I love that she enjoys reading and playing with her toys. I love that she’s still so relaxed and can sit with me on the couch or at a restaurant without getting upset. She’s really started babbling to us so I’m not sure how long the ‘being quiet’ thing will last!! She has really started favoring her momma and it makes me secretly very happy. 🙂 
We will have our second longer road trip this week as we head to my nephews 1st birthday party in NWA. I’m anxious to see how she does. She typically doesn’t mind the car seat at all and usually just falls asleep or plays quietly. Kyle and I are going to Auburn, AL next month which will be a much longer trip. Hopefully she does well!!



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