One Year Later


It was a Tuesday. Kyle and I were eating dinner at Chuy’s and I was complaining of an upset stomach. Kyle said, “You’re pregnant” and I said, “No, I’m not, I just ate an entire burrito.” 

Kyle insisted we go get a pregnancy test and I complained that they were too expensive to waste when I knew it would show a negative test result.

We took the test and the entire 3 minutes I complained about how we were wasting our time. I went to read the test and one line was strong and another was barely there. I came out triumphantly and said, “See! Negative… I’m not pregnant.” I handed the test to Kyle who then said… “Well according to the box you are…” apparently I hadn’t read the instructions very well. (Surprise) 


I believe the next words out of my mouth were: Well, crap. Not that I wasn’t completely thankful to be pregnant but I immediately did the math and it put us having our baby in December. We had assumed that it would take us a few months to get pregnant and the ideal was to be having our baby closer to the end of the school year. That was “our” plan. It’s funny how that tends to work out… 

So here we are one year later and what a blessing we have been given!! I had no clue what the next year would bring or the amazing gift that God was allowing me to carry. She is a child of God and the fact that He chose me to be her mother reaches areas of feelings that I do not not have words for. 
Gratefulness doesn’t adequately describe how I feel about motherhood. I’m thankful that God has allowed me to be a mother and I’m thankful that Kyle supported my decision to stay home and be a “full time” mother to our sweet girl. I am loving this season of life. 




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