Five for Friday :: April 24



I started Avery on a somewhat better schedule this week in hopes of a more predictable sleep schedule at night. So far it’s working great and she’s actually sleeping longer. Score! She takes about 3-4 naps a day now, wakes at 8am and goes to bed about 7:30. I’m trying to monitor her wake time better and limit it to a strict 90 minutes or less. I think she was actually not resting enough during the day causing her to not sleep as well at night. (What!?) Babies sleep schedules are whack. 


Kyle and I are going to NYC next month for his birthday and I wanted some shoes that were super comfy but looked cute with jeans and I could wear barefoot. (I hate socks) So I bought these a few weeks ago:


I tried them on this week and haven’t taken them off since. They’re SO comfortable and really cute! The gray were hard to find but i think they go with everything so I’m glad I hunted them down!! 


I’m super sad that it’s that time of the year that Spring TV shows are ending their season! Since I’ve been home with Avery I have gotten invested in so many shows. I just never had time/energy while working to stay caught up. Some that I’ve been watching this Spring are: Empire, Being Mary Jane, Secrets and Lies, American Crime, Nashville, Bates Motel, The Royals, The Slap, Fixer Upper, Shark Tank. Real Housewives of Atlanta… I apparently watch WAY too much TV. I’m going to enjoy it while Avery isn’t crawling yet!


Speaking of TV my new favorite show is Younger on TVLand!! It comes on Tuesday nights and I originally started watching because Hilary Duff is in it and I just love her. (Lizzie McGuire anyone?) The show is hilarious and I’ve already gotten a few friends addicted to it as well. SO cute. 



Avery had her 4 month checkup/shots today (monthly post coming soon!) and she did much better than at her 2 month shots! So did mom! I didn’t even cry!!! However she is fighting her naps today like crazy which is the total opposite of her last shots when she slept

Baby shots are the pits, yall. I don’t know why they can’t all be oral!! Poor baby 😞

I plan to stay curled up with her on the couch and enjoy the chilly rainy day snuggled with her and my pups!  


Happy Friday!! 


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