Avery Claire :: Month Four

We had her four month appointment Friday and she weighed 11lb 14oz
25 inches 
We had a few rough nights at the beginning of the month. Avery was waking up almost every other hour and was wearing this momma out!! I started her on a loose sleep schedule and really started cutting off her wake time at 90 minutes most days. I started allowing her to have an later evening nap to avoid her being too tired and it seemed to straighten things out. She now goes to bed between 7-8 and wakes around 1:00 and around 4:00 then up for the day around 8:00. 
I will say that we are completely sleeping in our crib for all naps and at night!! Woohoo! I was shocked at how easy she transitioned. Obviously it was momma who had the issues! She sleeps so much better in her own room and so do I!! 
Avery still eats every 2-3 hours and in the evening I try to make the feedings closer together to help fill her tummy up for bed. She has become very distracted so nursing can be quite the challenge some days! Nursing in public has become more difficult due to her being distracted by everything!! 
Since she’s on the low end of the percentile for weight our pediatrician suggested not dropping any night time feedings. I hadn’t made the move to do that anyways since I just had a gut feeling she wasn’t ready but since she’s so little I definitely won’t be dropping them for a while. As much as I look forward to nights of uninterrupted sleep (do those really exist as a parent??) I can’t justify not giving her those feedings, knowing that she needs them, just to get more sleep. It’s not like I have to get up early for work and I know I can always nap when she does if I need to! 
We have generally outgrown 0-3 month sizes and have moved into solid 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. In pants she can even get away with some 6 months. She’s so long!
I’ve been buying 6 month things for summertime and I’ve almost completely had to replace her wardrobe!! 
We bought her first real pair of shoes (size 0) and they’re so cute!! Finding cute baby shoes has been quite the task! I bought her these: 
I already want them in every pair! They’re so adorable!! 
HUGGIES size 1
I bought a huge box of these a couple weeks ago and I can already tell that after this box is gone we may be moving up to size 2!
Bath time 
Reading with momma 
Laying on her play mat
Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)
Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 
We have found our hands and LOVE sucking on those!! 
Stroller rides 
Being cold 
Having lotion put on her
Being scared (if the dogs or I sneak up on her)
Being hungry
Car seat!!! 
Our little lady has figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back! She just isn’t a huge fan of tummy time and now that she knows how to flip she enjoys getting out of it! She still enjoys putting her hands (as well as everything else) into her mouth! 
Month Four:
This has been a month full of changes! She isn’t quite as content as she has been but is also more predictable which is nice. She’s still pretty relaxed but is becoming more vocal when she’s upset. She’s becoming so much more aware and wants to be sitting up and tries to sit up on her own all the time. She likes to stand up (with my help of course) and look around like a big girl! 
She is still such a sweet happy girl and seeing her smile is just my favorite thing!! I just love her to pieces and I so enjoy getting to spend my days with her. 
Avery will take her first plane ride next week and I can’t wait to see how she reacts! 

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