Kyle made a quick trip to Tampa this weekend to surprise Landon at his karate competition so he left out Friday morning. Avery had her 4 month shots Friday morning and I couldn’t bare to go through that alone so my friend Kaitlin came along! She captured a few cute pictures before the horrible shots!! 


After the shots we spent the rainy day doing lots of snuggles with our pups! 


Saturday morning Avery and I headed up to Heber Springs where some of my family live for their Springfest. My brother and his family are moving to St. Louis so it was good to see them before they left. It was such a beautiful day but it was almost ‘too’ warm and after about an hour Avery was over it. I was a little nervous about making that drive alone but she slept both their and on the way home. 


When we got home I laid Avery on the couch to take my shoes off and when I looked over she had discovered something new:


Our feet!! Her cuteness lever just went even higher. 


Kyle made it home late Saturday night so we were able to go to church Sunday. After church Sunday we had lunch then hung around the house and did some cleaning while Avery napped. After her nap we went to a local outside shopping mall close by our house and spent some time walking around outside. 

Abby was having a rough day and just not acting herself. She got sick several times Saturday night and she just seemed so lathargic all day. I’m so scared that she’s in her last few weeks and it just makes my heart so sad. She hasn’t ate in a few days and she just sleeps all day. I’m giving her extra lovins and cuddles and soaking up every minute I have with her. 

Avery gave her some lovings too.

Sunday night was spent cleaning out the attic and making piles of things to go into the garage sale I plan to have next month. Kyle and I are so opposites when it comes to purging. I’m willing to get rid of about anything. If I haven’t used it or if it’s been stored away for a while and not missed (except for special keepsakes) then I say throw it away, sell it, or donate it. I’m not one to keep things I don’t use or need especially since we’re running out of storage space in our house!! Kyle however has a hard time purging stuff but he did finally agree to part with a lot of stuff! 

I’m looking forward to heading to Florida this week with Avery. It will be her first plane ride!! 


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