Five for Friday :: May 1st 

1. First Flight 

Avery, Kyle and I headed down to Tampa, Florida yesterday and it was Avery’s first flight! She fell asleep on both flights and did so well! The only time she was fussy was when we were waiting to take off. Of course we kept getting stopped in the airports to be told how beautiful our baby was! 😊 



2. Birthday Celebration 

It was Landon’s 10th birthday yesterday so when we got to Tampa we met up with him and his mom and we all went to dinner at one of Landon’s favorites: Japanese. We sat around some really sweet people and ate SOOO much food. Poor Avery was so sleepy she passed out two seconds after being in the car!! We are picking Landon up after school today and going to eat some seafood for dinner! Landon’s birthday party is on Saturday and we’re celebrating with a pool party. 

3. Timehop 

Yesterday my Timehop showed that two years ago we were here with Landon celebrating at Disney and petting alligators. He looks so little in this picture!! So sweet! 


4. Feet 

Someone discovered their feet this week!! 



5. Shades

We bought Avery some shades for the pool/beach and I think she’s a fan! 




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