We had a great weekend in Tampa!! Landon turned 10 on Thursday so we all flew down on Thursday afternoon to celebrate with him. 


Friday afternoon we grabbed lunch at our FAVORITE pizza place Grimaldi’s. We have ate at the original in Brooklyn and it’s just beyond the best pizza. The weather was perfect so we sat on the patio and soaked up some sun!! I even got some sunburned shoulder as proof!! 

We picked up Landon from school and headed to Clearwater, FL and spent the evening. What a cute town!! We walked out on the piere and let Avery see the ocean. She loves when the wind blows on her so she was in heaven out there!  

Sweet boy!! I must say that spending time with Landon makes me so excited for life with older children. I’ve always enjoyed his age group when teaching/interning and I look forward to when Avery gets to that age. They’re just so fun and more independent which makes life a little easier! It’s also a great reminder that on the tough days of life with an infant that this is a season in life and there are joys and pains of all seasons!


  (Nevermind my wild crazy hair!! 😳 The wind was blowing hard core.)   The beach was beautiful and the weather was to die for!! 

We headed towards another part of the city with lots of shopping/restaurants and spent the rest of the night there. We had dinner and then headed to the boardwalk. We spent about two hours walking around and enjoying the weather. Avery was in such a good mood to have gone so long without a nap. She was just so in love with the wind and the warm weather and all the people fawning over her. She was awake for about 4 hours and was SO content and sweet. 

We happened to catch several Dolphins cruising around the bay and we watched them for about an hour. Then we went down and let Avery put her feet in the water/sand. She quite enjoyed it!! 


Gosh I just love that girl!! 

Landon made the comment at dinner that night that it was like Avery was famous because SO many people came and commented about her. 

We ended the night by grabbing way too much delicious fudge!! (Salted butterscotch!!!)

Saturday was party day! We grabbed lunch at a local mall and did a little shopping. We went to the Disney store and Kyle showed Avery a Minnie doll and she just went crazy grinning and squeeling. Of course we had to get it for her! 


She gives it kisses and hugs. I’m pretty sure it will become a favorite toy! 

Landon’s party was a pool party at his house with family and friends. It was a great day to be outside enjoying the pool and celebrating such a great kiddo! 

Landon’s cousin Charlotte is such a sweetie and I always enjoy seeing her and talking to her when we call Landon. She would run over and give Avery kisses all day and just scream her name from the pool and say, You’re so cute Avery Claire!! Haha! She asked several times to hold her and how could I say no!? She kept telling people that Avery was her cousin. 😊 love it!      


We headed home VERY early Sunday. Avery did great on the plane rides home. She got a little fussy on the last stretch but then passed out until we landed in LR! 

We got home around lunch time and spent the rest of the day cleaning and resting! 
It was an amazing weekend and just made me feel so blessed for my sweet family!! 


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