Avery Claire :: Month Five 



I took her to the doctor last Monday and she weighed almost 13 pounds! 

Around 26 inches is my guess! 



Naps have been rough this last week! She will sleep for a solid 45min- 1 hour but then wakes up! I try letting her cry it out if she isn’t fussing too much because I want to stay as close to our normal schedule as possible. Some days it works and some days it doesn’t. She takes about three 1.5-2 hour naps a day. She goes to bed around 7:00 each night and wakes up between 7:00-8:00 in the morning. 

I still give her a dream feed right before I go to bed and she typically wakes twice through the night to eat. I’m hoping she will drop these around 6 months! Fingers crossed!! 



I’m still EBF and don’t plan to introduce any solids (really purées) until she’s 6 months. She’s getting everything she needs from me right now and I’m relishing the last few weeks of that. She takes about 5 ounces a feeding right now and is still eating every three hours. She’s always been such a great eater and RARELY has ever spit up. I hope she takes to food as easily!! I’ve been looking into products and recipes for making my own baby food and I’m actually really excited to make her own food! I love knowing exactly what will be in her food and have control over what I don’t want in her food! 

We are in 3-6 month clothing and are outgrowing 3 month onesies. Her little torso is getting so long!! I still have bought mostly 6 month clothing for summer since it stays warm here well into September. She has a closet full of clothes right now that she’s just waiting to fill out! 



We’ve moved up to size 2! We still use Pampers or Huggies… Whichever we have a coupon for! 😃



Bath time 

Reading with momma 

Laying on her play mat


Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)

Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Sucking on our feet

Lovies and any kind of cloth/blanket! 

Stroller rides 

Standing up on her feet 


Being cold 

Having lotion put on her

Being scared (if the dogs or I sneak up on her)

Being hungry

Car seat!!! 


Not being able to sit up! 


We can sit up on our own for a few seconds and if she sets herself into the tripod position she can sit that way for about a minute! She’s getting such strong legs and tries to stand up all the time. She’s still sleeping in the crib for all naps and at night. We took our first plane ride this month to Tampa and she spent 3 nights away from mom and dad while we went to NYC.

Month Five:

This has been a fun month! She’s just working hard practicing sitting and standing. She’s really started reaching for people and she has gotten really good at grabbing things! Her hand/eye coordination has really improved! Other than when she’s overly tired she is still a sweet content little lady! She sure hates her car seat right now but if I put her in our Ergo carrier at a store she’s perfectly content. She just enjoys being up and looking around! I’m excited to see if she begins sitting up on her own this month and what new milestones she accomplishes!!  



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