NYC :: 2015

Last week Kyle and I took a quick trip to NYC to celebrate his birthday. We had some hotel vouchers that expired this summer so we put them to good use and headed to one of our favorite cities! Kyle and I were engaged in NYC in 2012 so it has a special place in our hearts! 

We left early Wednesday morning and got into NYC around 2:00. We immediately headed out to grab some pizza and do some quick sightseeing while deciding on which show to see that night. 


We decided to purchase tickets for Matilda instead of waiting in line at TKTS. We just didn’t want to waste time when we were only going to be there a couple days!

We also went to FAO Schwartz and bought Avery some fun gifts! We also bought WAY too much candy and I barely talked Kyle out of buying a puppet. (😳) 

I was blown away by the Matilda set. It was one of the coolest sets I’ve seen on Broadway! The play wasn’t my favorite but I was really impressed with the actress that played Matilda. She was incredible! The actor who played Miss Trunchbull was really great as well. He was hysterical in that role! He also was in an episode of SATC (Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman ) which made it even more fun! 

Thursday was spent walking…and walking… The weather was incredible the whole time we were there so I had told Kyle I just wanted to be outside and enjoy it as much as possible! 

  First thing, we hit up Macy’s so I could do some shopping! 

Then we walked over to see the Flatiron building which Kyle realized he had been saying wrong for years! He was pronouncing it  flat-ir-on and I said… I think it’s pronounced Flat-iron… Ya know since its shaped like an iron. 😊 I win. 

Washington Square is my favorite area in NYC. Id like to believe that when I’m rich and famous and own an apartment in the city… I’ll live close to there. One day…

 We walked all the way down to the 9/11 memorial…which if you’re wondering…is a LONG FREAKING WALK. But it was kind of nice to be outside and be able to stop for lunch, ice cream, Starbucks, shopping, etc. and not be on any schedule. We decided to skip a show that night so we could just enjoy the day at our own pace. We finished the night off with dinner at BLT Steak. 

Friday was Kyles birthday!! We spent the day on 5th avenue and in the Times Square area. We had dinner at his favorite restaurant Buddakan and saw Alladin! Alladin was AMAZING!! We were super impressed with the Genie. He won a Tony award last year for that role and I can say it was totally deserved! He was fabulous! 

We also spent some time in Central Park, which is where we got engaged!! The trees and flowers were blooming and it was breathtaking! Spring is definitely the time to visit Central Park! 


Bow Bridge was closed due to construction which made me so sad!! I wanted to get a picture with Kyle on it since that’s where he proposed! 

So instead Kyle and I sat adjacent to the bridge on a bench and soaked up the sunshine while reminiscing about our engagement trip. ❤️

Saturday morning we did one last lap through Central Park and 5th avenue before heading home. 

I’ve only ever been to NYC during the winter so it was so nice to be there when the weather wasn’t frigid cold! There is just something magical about NYC regardless of the weather! 

I’ve told Kyle that for my 30th birthday I want to spend a week in NYC and leisurely go about our days posing as West Village yuppies. 

It would be heavenly. 


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