Five for Friday :: May 29

1. Memorial Day 

Kyle, Avery, and I had a pretty low key Memorial Day. We slept in, napped, and cooked out burgers with Pops. Avery wasn’t too sure of him and threw a little fit when he was holding her. I’m not sure what her deal was. We are in a Wonder Week right now under the Relationships Leap and it mentioned that babies at this point will begin to realize distance. They begin to understand that when she can’t see me that I’m not there and I think she’s just adjusting to that! I guess she’s going through a bit of “stranger danger” these days. 

2. Story Time 

We finally got back into our normal weekly routine this week and went to story time. We tried out the new Clinton children’s library and it is such a neat place! I can’t wait until Avery is old enough to enjoy it more. I love going to story time but it always seems to fall during our nap time which makes it difficult. We also like that our sweet friend Beckham gets to join us! 

3. Athletic Club 

Kyle and I have been discussing joining the Athletic Club for a few months and we finally bit the bullet and joined. I guess I was afraid we would join and then not use it but once I realized all that they have to offer I got really excited about joining. The facility is HUGE and offers so much! They have classes all day long ranging from cycling to yoga to water aerobics. They have childcare and a kids area which will be great this summer when Landon is here. They have a huge pool that can be used all year long as well as a kiddie pool and splash pad. I love that I can take various classes and both Landon and Avery have things to do that allows me to take classes and know they’re taken care of. This week we’ve been meeting Kyle after Avery’s last nap and swimming for a while. She’s been sleeping heavy at nighttime on those days! 


I forsee a lot of time spent there this summer! I know Landon will love it! 

4. Five Months

Avery turned 5 months old on Sunday! 


I can’t believe she’s getting so big. Life has both easy and hard moments right now but they’re always fun! She’s just the sweetest happy baby and outside of being tired there isn’t much that upsets this sweet lady. I just love her big smiles and I love that she gets so excited when she sees her daddy! 

5. Thirty 

One of my dearest friends celebrated her thirtieth birthday this weekend. Well let me rephrase that by saying technically we’re celebrating all year… She has several trips planned all year long and she has created a “30 while I’m 30” list of things she wants to do this year. We had a dinner party on Saturday to formally celebrate. 


I’m so thankful for such a wonderful friend. The older I’ve gotten the more I have realized how rare it is to have great friendships. Friendships can be hard to maintain as you become wives and mothers but they’re so important to invest in. I so look forward to celebrating her kindness, loyalty, faith, her heart for others and her heart for the Lord all year long…and even longer! 


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