Five for Friday :: June 05

1. Farmers Market

Tuesday morning Avery and I got ourselves up and out of the house by 8:30…. This is not a normal occurrence! We met up with my friend Brindy and her twin baby girls. We wanted to hit up the farmers market downtown and while I love getting local fresh produce, making the trek downtown just takes so long!! The weekday markets are much smaller than the Saturday market but they had what I was looking for so it was a productive trip!! 

2. Baby Food 

At the farmers market I picked up sweet potatoes, zucchini, and squash. On Wednesday I decided to tackle making Avery homemade baby food. I had borrowed some baby food makers and some cookbooks from friends and after researching for a few weeks I knew it would be super easy and SO cheap. I also love the idea of knowing she is getting fresh food without any additives or preservatives. I’ve heard so many stories lately and have personally known babies who have gotten sick from baby food pouches and as easy as it is to make it yourself there just wasn’t an excuse for me not to! 

I made two batches of sweet potatoes, one batch of zucchini, one batch of squash zucchini mixed, a batch of pear (my favorite), and a batch of carrots. I froze them in the freezer so I can just pop them out whenever I need them! The babyfood makers also reheat the food in just a few minutes whenever I need it.  
Sweet potatoes galore! 

The pear purée was SO good! 

3. Jumpin’ 

Our friend let us borrow a door jumper and Avery has so loved having it!! She uses it as a swing right now since she hasn’t figured out how to enact the springs to make it bounce up and down. She really loves it when Abby is close and she can swing close to her! 


4. Sitting up 

Avery has been working so hard on sitting up for weeks!! She’s slowly gotten more stable and balanced and she gets so proud of herself! It’s so cute to watch!!


5. Athletic Club 

We have been loving the club the last few weeks. It’s nice that Kyle and I can take Avery to the daycare and go play tennis, swim, or just get a few minuts alone! Wednesday I took a water aerobics class, (because apparently I’m 70)  it was such a beautiful day and it was so nice being in the pool. I didn’t really feel like I got much of a workout but today my abs and arms have been sore! I plan to take a Scultp class today and I’m hoping I’ll survive! 
Here’s to a great weekend!! 


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