Five for Friday :: June 12

1. Double the Fun

On Tuesday we went to our friends house to play. My friend Brindy has twin nine month old girls and we finally set up a play date for the girls. It’s nice when you have friends with babies because they have a house full of toys, diapers, cribs, etc. It makes life much easier!! 


While there Avery found a new favorite toy! We’re at the point where we need to transition our toys and this obviously needs to be a first purchase! I plan to get one this weekend. She played with that activity cube for over an hour! I think she likes that it helps prop her up since that’s her new thing. 

2. Birthday Month 

Since June is my birthday month and we will be out of town on my actual birthday; Kaitlin, Ellen, and Sandy decided we should celebrate early! One thing on my list to do this month was to go eat at Charlotte’s! We go every summer when I’m not teaching and this was our first trip since I’ve had Avery! The line was out the door when we arrived (which was before opening time) but luckily we grabbed a table! It’s also wise when eating at Charlotte’s to order your desserts first. They make them homemade each day and they’re beyond delicious! I always get the strawberry cake but this time I ordered blackberry cobbler and I wasn’t disappointed!! 


3. Gamma Time

While I went to lunch Avery spent the afternoon with her Gamma. It was nice having a couple hours with friends where I could give them 100% of my attention! Gamma brought Avery some stacking blocks and they have become a quick favorite. She likes me to stack them high and then she knocks them down and looks at me like, uh oh!! It’s so cute! 


4. Sweet Potatoes 

They’re the new favorite. Zucchini – not so much. 

5. Garage Sale

I’m holding my first garage sale ever tomorrow. I really have no idea what to expect and it kind of has me nervous! I’m hoping it won’t rain and won’t be too miserable hot!! I’m excited to purge the house of things but the sad thing is that even after ALL the stuff I pulled out to sell, I don’t feel like we have any more storage space! I’m hoping to make enough money to buy a new living room rug! Anything beyond that is icing on the cake! We’re headed to Orlando for the week and it’ll be nice to have extra play money! 
I hope your Friday is fabulous! 


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