Birthday Week 🎈

It’s my birthday week and I’m happy to be spending it in sunny Orlando sitting pool side and indulging in the magic of Disney everywhere! 

As a new parent I already see that celebrations aren’t quite as elaborate as they used to be. I’d rather spend money on my sweet girl or doing something as a family. However, I have put together a short list of things I’m loving! Some I’ve bought already this week and others I’m just loving for now. I’m celebrating all month so my birthday celebration doesn’t end this week! 

1. Birkenstocks 

I am just as surprised as anyone at how much I’ve been wanting some Birkenstocks. Is this 1997? But… I have seriously been wanting these! On my list of things to do in Florida this week was purchasing a pair of these from Nordstrom’s. I had received a gift card for there and knew immediately these were what I wanted. Well the problem is my feet are super tiny. Even the smallest pair seemed to look like clown shoes on me! So on Monday we went to Nordstrom Rack to look for some new jeans and I randomly ran through the shoe aisle before leaving and found these: 

I mean there is legit barely a difference. This company is even owned and produced by Birkenstock. I found a pair that actually fit me and for less than half the price. I scooped them up and have been wearing them nonstop since! 

2. iPhone Pineapple 🍍

I don’t need a new phone case by any means but this one just screams summer! It may just be a birthday indulgence! I love it!! 

3. Shorts

My sister-in-law mentioned these shorts in the spring and how they were so cute and comfy. I’ve been looking for a pair for a few months and found some at Nordstroms. They’re longer than most shorts (πŸ‘πŸ») and have a stretchy waist band which is super forgiving for this post baby momma (πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ») and Kyle actually commented on how cute he thought they were(πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».) I bought a black pair and a cream pair. I rarely have ever worn shorts but this summer I’ve been living in shorts so it’s nice to have a few ‘dressy’ pairs. 

4. Hobo 


I’m a huge Hobo wallet fan. I have several but they’re all too big to fit in my small purses and I like the idea of a smaller one for carrying in Avery’s baby bag. The ‘Alice’ wallet is the perfect size in my opinion. I’m searching around for a print or color I love and plan to purchase as soon as I find the perfect one! 

5. E.Leighs

This super cute boutique in Little Rock has become one of my favorites! I follow them on Instagram and they’re always posting such cute outfits. I bought a dress there for Avery’s baby dedication and love it! Their clothes are super affordable and so darling. Since having Avery a lot of my clothing just doesn’t fit comfortably anymore and honestly my wardrobe just needs a ‘mom’ upgrade. I need comfortable, functional pieces that are still cute but don’t cost a fortune in case, you know… Avery decides to spit up, slobber, or poop on them. Motherhood is so glamorous you know. I’m not returning to work so I don’t need ‘dress’ clothes so I have a bit more freedom in choosing pieces to buy. I’m looking forward to picking up a few pieces from there later this month! 

I love that I’ll share my birthday month with Avery’s half birthday. I’m planning a super cute photo session and some summertime fun things for her!! 

I believe June is shaping up to be a fabulous month!! 


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