Five for Friday::June 19

1. Orlando 

We have been in Florida all week for a work conference for Kyle. While we were there we picked up Landon for the summer. 


This was our view in Orlando. It was such a fun week of lounging around, (something I never do at home because my todo list is always looming over my head!)  drinking lots of sweet tea, and celebrating my birthday week!! 

2. Birthday 

Thursday was my 28th birthday. We celebrated by sleeping in, doing some shopping, and eating yummy food!! It was my first birthday as a mother and it was extra special! 

  Avery  made sure my day was extra sweet!!
The sunset on my birthday after dinner. We drove down to St. Armand’s square and are dinner the bought lots of yummy treats for dessert!! 
3. Flying 

Flying has increasingly got more difficult as Avery is getting older. She’s SO wiggly right now and has also learned to squeal and scream, so that’s super fun. Thankfully Kyle has been able to rock her to sleep the last two flights. She’s been fighting those naps so hard. He’s literally had to squeeze her and rock her to sleep. 

 I could NOT travel with her alone right now.  

4. Minnie 

We didn’t go to Disney this trip due to Avery being too little and it being SO hot. But we did make our way around Downtown Disney and let her pick out a new Minnie! She honestly chose this one out of around 15 various stuffed animals. Minnie for the win! 


We also wore our Minnie PJs from the Disney store in NYC to celebrate!


5. Bubba

To say Avery loves her bubba is an understatement. It’s so sweet!! 


 I think she will be so sad at the end of summer when he leaves. 



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