A Half Birthday 

I have always felt that birthdays should be a big deal. Holidays in general are important to me but your birthday is your one day. It’s the day you were born!! It should be celebrated! I believe in celebrating birthday weeks and birthday months! My best friend Kaitlin turned thirty this year and we’re celebrating her birthday year! I mean… why not?? It’s fun to celebrate!

I have a summer birthday and as a child this meant that I never got to celebrate my birthday at school. My birthday also typically falls close to Father’s Day which meant birthday parties and sleepovers were always difficult. As a teacher I always made it a point to celebrate the half birthdays of students with summer birthdays. Half birthdays should be celebrated too!! 

When we found out Avery’s due date (December 20th) I knew immediately that we would celebrate her half birthday in a big way as she grows up. When I delivered Avery and it fell on Christmas Eve I was both sad and happy about it. In one sense it’s cool that she was born on such a magical day and I think one day she will enjoy it too, but as a kid I think she will struggle with it. She will never be in school on her birthday, having a party will be difficult and celebrating with friends on her actual birthday will always be challenging. And yes I realize these are so not “problems” but as a child it will be hard to reason that with her. Luckily I have family and friends who I know will always make sure her birthday is properly celebrated and who will also celebrate her half birthday!! I also love that while we may not always get to celebrate her actual birthday with Landon, we will get to celebrate her half birthday with him. 

So today was Avery’s first half birthday!!! She started it out in style by sleeping in until 8:30! I mean there’s nothing to grow your love for a child like having them be late risers. 😊

We woke up and had our normal morning cuddles while watching The Today Show. After her morning nap we tried a new food (carrots) and had our favorite (pears.) We got dressed in a new outfit and played until it was time for her afternoon nap! 


During her nap Kaitlin and Bubbles came over to celebrate! They came baring gifts and lots of lovings!! 


After our visit Landon, Avery and I went to Babies R Us to pick her out a present! I knew what I wanted to get her before I went. We had a play date a few weeks ago with some friends who had a small Vtech activity cube and she loved it. She played with that thing the entire time we were there. I knew she would love to have her own! 


I believe she was excited!! 

We had a fun evening of playing with our new toys and we even had new bath toys to play with! 

I really wanted to go get her some balloons but today was the hotest day of the year so far and I just didn’t want to keep her out too long. It was just too hot. 

Overall I think she had a great half birthday! Having her bubba here made it even better! 



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