Avery Claire :: Month Six



We have our 6 month appointment on Friday and I’m anxious to see what she weighs! I’m guessing around 14 pounds. I’ll update on Friday! 


I’m guessing around 26/27 inches. She is so long! She had legs for days!! 


We take 3 naps a day. Our wake time is about 1.5 hours. She goes to bed around 7/7:30 and wake up around 8:00. 

Avery STILL isn’t sleeping through the night which is beyond annoying for this tired momma! But honestly she wakes, nurses and goes right back to sleep in about 10-15 minutes so I’m thankful for a quick eater!! 
I’m hoping as we introduce more solids that she will begin sleeping longer stretches. 

We have started solids!!! We started around 5.5 months because I just knew she was ready. I’ve made several weeks worth of organic baby food and we’ve been trying a new one every 3-4 days. We’ve tried bananas, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and pears. We’ve mixed the zucchini in with pear and banana since she’s not a big fan but needs some veggies! She’s definitely a fan of the sweeter food and who can blame her! 

We’ve also began using a sippy cup while we eat. We’ve been drinking around 1-2 ounces of water through the day with our two meals. She’s starting to use a straw too which makes me happy that I didn’t purchase a bunch of sippy cups because we can just skip to the straw cups! 

I’m still nursing around 8 times a day. She’s drinking about 4-5 ounces of milk at a time. 


We are making the transition to 6 month clothing these days. Some GAP items run larger so in those we’re still in 3-6 month. However our boutique pieces from Toggery run SO small so she’s already out of the 6 month size in those pieces. 

Baby GAP is still my favorite when it comes to clothing. I LOVED their spring line this year and bought a size up so she could wear it through the summer. I love their classic almost vintage romper outfits and I wish I would have bought more than the two I did purchase. She’s growing SO fast that I just can’t validate boutique prices on everyday outfits. It’s nice to have a few pieces for church on Sunday’s but for everyday wear were fans of Carters and GAP! Plus both of those stores have great sales so I can usually get some great deals!! 
Diapers: We’ve moved up to size 2! We still use Pampers or Huggies… However I’m thinking a move into size 3 isn’t that far off!  

Bath time 


Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)

Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Putting everything in her mouth

Lovies and any kind of cloth/blanket!

Standing up on her feet 


Sitting up on her own and playing 

Stacking toys!!


Having lotion put on her

Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Car seat!!! 


Being confined


We can sit up all on our own!! Yay! This makes for a much happier baby and mommy!! She started at the beginning of the month being able to sit up for a few seconds but now she can sit up for quite a while! I can sit her on the living room rug (with extra pillows around just in case!) and she sits and plays while I get things done around the house! She can sit up without falling 95% of the time! She’s even able to pull up her hands and support herself using her core muscles! So exciting!!

She’s also starting to wave! While in Florida last week so many people were waving at her that she started lifting her hand and holding it our as her version of waving. So cute!
She’s starting to conceptualize cause/effect. She drops her toys and laughs at the noise it makes on the ground. It gets old fast but I know it’s building that schema in her brain so I just deal with it! Plus the little giggle that comes out is pretty dang sweet! 
Month Six:

This has been a month of growth for sure!! She’s changing everyday it seems! She’s just showing so much personality these days and I just love it! She’s just the sweetest little lady and nothing warms my heart more than those big smiles she gives me!! I’m just so thankful to be her momma!! 



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