Five for Friday::June 26

1. Father’s Day

On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day by going to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch after church. It is both Kyle and Landon’s favorite place to eat but I’m not usually a fan! We also went swimming at the club for a little while. Avery has been in a ‘no pool’ mood lately so she was much happier sitting with momma and splashing her toes in the water rather than be in the pool with dad. 


We resorted to taking selfies by the pool instead. 

Last week I had Kaitlin take these sweet pictures for Kyle’s office. I had them framed and gave them to Kyle for Father’s Day. He loved them! 

2. Six Months 

I can hardly believe Avery is six months old!! She turned half a year old on Wednesday so Tuesday morning me, Avery, and Landon met up with my friend Kaitlin and took some pictures! I loved how they turned out and can’t wait to get some framed!


3. No Veggies Please 

Avery has been pretty uninterested in baby food lately. I have a feeling she’s struggling with the texture of the purées because she has gagged a few times on food that she just thought was delicious two weeks ago! I’m going to just continue to introduce food slowly and I think she will be more interested when she can eat more solid food items. 

I’m hoping this isn’t indicative of her distaste for vegetables. 

4. Shots 

We have Avery’s six month appointment today and I’m so anxious about her shots! I always get so nervous about them. She did super great at her 4 month appointment so I’m hoping she does ok with these too! I always fear she’s going to run a fever or have an allergic reaction to it. 

 5. The end of my Birthday Month 

My friend Lindsey is coming into town tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with me! It’s been such a busy month that we haven’t had time to celebrate together. We plan to eat, shop, and catch a movie. It will be nice to have an afternoon of some girl time!! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!! 


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