Five for Friday::July 03

1. Dinner for 10

Our church is relatively new and is super focused on community and building and doing life with the people in our congregation. It’s so easy to get self consumed with our busy lives and not take time for fellowshiping with believers. One thing we started at our church this month was ‘Dinner for 8’ where four couples or 8 people fellowship over meals together in an effort for us to meet others in the church. Our group actually has 10 and we had our first dinner Sunday night. It was such a blast! We grilled out burgers and sat around introducing ourselves and sharing parts of our lives. We ended up talking for hours! Kyle and I are hosting the next dinner and I’m already planning and looking forward to it! 

2. Sleeping through the Night 

My time has finally come folks. Avery has been successfully sleeping through the night for a week! She just randomly dropped one feeding for a couple nights then both! Ahh! I was SO dreading making her cry it out and was praying that God would lead me to the right decision for what Avery needed. I always hesitated to let her CIO because every time I went to feed her she actively nursed. Every time. So I felt SO guilty taking that from her if she just wasn’t ready and because she’s on the lower end of the weight percentile. Well a few nights before she started dropping her feedings she began falling asleep while I was feeding her. I knew she was ready! I had planned with Kyle to wean her off while Landon was out of town visiting Kyle’s sister, so that if Avery cried a lot it wouldn’t wake him. I’m happy to say we didn’t even have to do that! She just weaned herself! 

I think what made this transition so encouraging is that I went with my gut. I didn’t rely on the sleep training books or the articles I’d read or the advice I had been given – all telling me she just had to “learn” and I had to break the “habit” of her waking. Something inside me knew she needed to be eating and I stuck to my instincts and am so glad I did! 

3. Scooting 

Speaking of that sweet baby of mine. She has begun scooting! Sunday afternoon kyle had her on the bed and she began pushing herself backwards and it was like a light went off for her! Ever since she has been non stop on her tummy pushing and scooting and turning herself around. I forsee crawling in our near feature and I’m dreadfully excited about it. I know it will create some adjustments and I’ll miss our non mobile days but I’m excited for her progress! She is so strong willed and determined! 

4. Classroom Goodbyes 

I began cleaning out my classroom today. Since I resigned in the middle of the year I decided to keep my things in the room until the end of the year. Going through my things made me a little sad that I won’t be teaching in the Fall. Life has changed so much for the better this year but there are adjustments that are harder too! I know I will never regret these days with Avery though and that makes it easier! 

I had been praying for guidance as to what to do with my classroom things and yesterday I saw a friend tagged in a Facebook post about a lady starting an English school in Ukraine and she was in need of classroom supplies and donations. I was so excited to see that and messaged the lady immediately. I told her she was welcomed to any of materials and that she could have as much as she wanted! I’d much rather donate to kids in need than store or sell it. 

5. Happy 4th!

We’re planning to go to a large cookout at a church members house tonight. He’s a licensed firework specialist and is planning a big firework show. I’m hoping the rain goes away!! 

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July! 


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