Five for Friday::July 09

1. Rainy Fourth 

We had plans to celebrate the 4th of July with our church cookout but it got rained out! We ended up going to dinner with family and having a super lazy Saturday! We cooked out with Kyle’s family Saturday night and watched a few fireworks. 

2. Happy Anniversary 

Monday was mine and Kyle’s 2 year anniversary. We managed to have a quick dinner date, just the two of us and I can’t remember the last time we did that! I told Kyle that this Fall when Landon goes home were starting a weekly date night and I’ve already been lining up babysitters! It was so refreshing to enjoy a meal without the fear of Avery getting fussy. 

Kyle surprised me with a gift since earlier in the week we had decided that I’d pick out something I wanted and just buy it and vice versa. Monday afternoon he showed up to the house early and rang the doorbell. I opened the door to a bouquet of roses and a bag of goodies from Anthropologie! It was perfect! 

Kyle is such a good gift giver and I’m thankful since gifts is definitely my love language! 

3. Classroom Cleanout 

I have been working all week on cleaning out my classroom. Other than my library I didn’t plan to keep anything. If I do return to teaching at some point it won’t be for several years and by then my things will be outdated anyways! I’ve had a few people come and take lots of items I had accumulated the last few years and I’m thankful most of my things are gone now! 

This was the mess I started with: 

4. Organization 

I ‘try’ to be organized… As a teacher my organization was supreme. It had to be… But my personal things have always lacked organization. So I decided I wanted to create a ‘command center’ for our mail/bills, etc. I hate that we don’t have an office in our house or any great place to organize all the mail, coupons, bills, keys, and calendars we have. I found a system at Pottery Barn and ordered a few pieces on Tuesday. They arrived Thursday and I can’t wait to start piecing it together! I’ll post before/after pics when I get it up. 

My inspiration:   
 5. Girl Time 

The boys have been in Atlanta this week so Avery and I have been enjoying some girl time. I have been dragging her all over town and to the school all week so on Thursday we just chilled! I didn’t get out of my pjs until 4:00! It was glorious! We napped and played all day. I love days like that!! We finished off the day by having dinner together and playing in the bathtub! I love days with my sweet girl!!



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