Avery Claire :: Month Seven 


We haven’t been to the doctor since Avery’s six month appointment but since she’s been actually eating solids I swear she feels heavier every day! My guess is 15.5-16 pounds! 

I’m guessing around 27 inches. She was 26.5 inches last month. She’s almost reached the maximum length for her infant car seat! 



Attention!!!! Avery is sleeping through the night!! Can I get an Amen?!?

Like the day after I posted her 6 month update she started dropping her 2am feeding and then started stretching until around 5/6am before waking to eat. I was worried that she’d start waking that early but she always went back to sleep when I laid her down. I never thought we’d get to the point of sleeping through the night and I just couldn’t make myself cut off her feedings. I really felt she needed to initiate that since she’s such a little squirt! It has been a smooth transition! Occasionally she still wakes and if it’s been 5 hours or so I’ll go ahead and feed her. I know she will go through growth spurts and I don’t want to deny her extra feedings during those times! 
So now our routine is: 
3 naps a day ranging from 1-2 hours long. She goes to bed around 7/7:30 and wakes for the day around 8/8:30. I give her a dream feed around 10:30 and she wakes anywhere between 5-7am. I feed her and she almost ALWAYS goes back to sleep until around 8:00am. 


We’re still introducing solids and she eats two times a day. One after her second nap and before bath and bedtime. We have had: 

Pear (a favorite)

Sweet Potatoes (favorite!)

Carrots (LOATHS them) 


Mixed organic veggies (peas, corn, green beans, and carrots – I found a way to sneak them in!)


Banana (favorite) 

Organic iron fortified rice cereal (sparingly) 

Apple/strawberry mix with currant juice (see video!!) 


I’ve added lentils, kale, and blueberries to our list to eat next! 
Most days she eats well – 1-2 Tbsp. We always do a veggie and usually a fruit. I’m trying to lean heavy on veggies in hopes that she will develop a love for those! 
I’m also happy that other than a couple times she has had all homemade organic/fresh and/or locally grown food. I genuinely love making her food and since I’m home with her all day I have the time to do it, so why not? I have found a brand of purée food pouches that I trust so when we have to (or for a little treat) we will use those. Our local Kroger carries them but there is only a few choices. I refuse to serve a food pouch with banana in it (umm hello, what are you putting in my babies food if a banana is edible for MONTHS?!) so it makes our choices limited! 
She is still nursing every 3 hours during the day. I’m super proud we have made it 7 months with exclusively breastfeeding! Yay!! 

6 month clothing. We still have a few 3-6 month outfits that fit and a few 6 month outfits that are too big so we’re still in the middle somewhere! 

Diapers: Size 2


Bath time 

Smiling (she smiles so much!!!)

Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Board books 

Standing up on her feet 


Sitting up on her own and playing 

Stacking toys!!


Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Being left alone 


Not seeing her momma! 

Getting changed – we have to use the straps to hold her down now! 

Loud voices – men 

Carrots – she cries sometimes! Ha!! 


We’re still sitting up so well! She can transition to her tummy pretty seamlessly and quick now. She is flipping all over the place! She has started babbling this week! I know crawling is just around the corner! She can almost pull herself up on toys and on momma who is apparently her personal jungle gym! 

Month Seven:

Avery is just growing so fast! I feel like I can see her facial features changing a bit. Her cheeks seem to be filling out some.

We attempted swaddling with her arms out and she made that transition pretty well until she realized she could flip herself over…and that she could grab the bumpers and stick her head up to the bars in the crib and watch for me to come and then laugh when she saw me. So we’re back to arms in for the time being. I just really don’t want to take the bumpers out!! Ugh! 

I have a feeling this month will be a big one for development! I think she will start backing like crazy and possibly crawling! 



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