Be Blessed Lovelies. 

I’m not sure how to begin this post or how to write about someone I didn’t know but it’s been weighing so heavily on my heart that I feel I need to write something. I have followed Leslie Sisti’s blog A Blonde Ambition for a little over 2 years. I enjoyed seeing her sweet family grow through the years and enjoyed seeing her cute fashion posts each week. Every Friday I couldn’t wait to read her Confessional Friday posts knowing I’d get a good laugh out of them! Her second daughter Ainsley is 10 days older than Avery and I enjoyed going through my pregnancy reading her posts about maternity style and just general pregnancy humor! I pinned her baby food blog posts and she was the first person that made me feel like I could totally make Avery’s baby food and her posts about it really influenced me about the nutritional benefits of making her food. 

After Ainsley was born Leslie began having heart issues. She had long stints between her blogs and she let her readers know that she was struggling with some health issues. She spent the first few months of her second daughters life in a hospital in a different state. I remember crying as she posted about having to stop breastfeeding due to medication because I know how upsetting that must have been for her… But regardless of what she was going through she always had such an amazing outlook and disposition. She kept her head up and continued to be the best mommy and wife she could be. 

I didn’t know her but I respected and admired her. 

On Monday she passed away. I don’t know the details of her passing or if it was expected or a surprise but I know she was at home with her sweet family. I can’t imagine the pain and grief her family is feeling. Her husband just lost his bride and the mother of their two daughters under the age of two. I can’t fathom the road that is ahead of them. As I nursed Avery to sleep last night I imagined the thought of her never knowing me or the feeling of realizing it would be the last time I’d see my baby. I couldn’t contain the tears as I held my baby and grieved for Leslie’s sweet baby girls. 

Life is just really hard sometimes and seems so unfair. Even when you know God is in control and our life is not really our own, it’s still just hard and scary. The feelings I’m having pale in comparison to what I’m sure her family is feeling right now. They’re definitely in my prayers and on my mind. I have held Avery a little longer and harder the past few days and I hope I never take a moment with her for granted. 

Heaven gained a beautiful soul this week. 

In Leslie’s words; Be Blessed Lovelies. 


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